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A sea lies underneath my ribs:

it's growing stronger now (...)

And it spreads like particles of light, like particles of light

You'll see me shimmering like crystals in the stars

(My Heart Is A Storm, Aurora)

Sybil approached and stopped in between them. They didn't notice when he came back, so he took the chance to sneak a peek at the scene, but he decided to intervene before the situation could deteriorate any further. He took off his slippers and slowly moved his arms until his hands rested on Set's shoulders.

Taking in somebody's energy meant experiencing all the blockages and pains of that person but there was no other way to soothe the boy and restore his balance. The disruptive energy sipped through Sybil's palms and filled his body. It ran down his joints mixing with his Chi, stuffed his chest making it hard to breathe, flooded his stomach and clamped onto it like a vice. The flow slammed against his spinal cord causing him a dull pain in the lower back.

Set's feelings and emotions became his and almost overwhelmed him but he managed to keep his detachment and just look inward. He let them cross his heart and body, while all the fears and memories of Set pooled in his mind. He watched within until he sank deep into his consciousness reaching the bottom of the abyss, the holy darkness where even demons dissolved and only silence remained.

Set's arms fell down by his sides but he was still out of it and trembling.

With an extremely slow movement, Sybil hugged him. His hands slipped over the boy's bare skin crossing his back, the right one rested at the height of Set's heart and the left one at the bottom of his spine. The warmth of Set's body sipped through the cotton of the white robe, the sound of his fast breathing filled Sybil's ears and his heartbeat thundered under the Oracle's palms. Sybil rested his chin over the boy's shoulder and slowly closed his eyes as his whole being became one with Set's.

The energy flow kept running down Sybil's legs, a cascade of shiverings shaking them all along until it reached his feet and got out of his system from the point where his soles met the cold floor. Little by little the tension flawed out and Sybil's heart became lighter. The painful contractions in his stomach and lower back melted turning into a bubble of warmth. The pleasant sensation expanded from within filling his body with emptiness and light.

In that final state of grace, which was pure meditation and that he called Opening, Sybil could sense his own breath as it moved through his body. He could follow the air all along its circular path, from the moment it entered his nose to the one it reached the farthest and smallest ends, and back. The breathing was sipping through his every cell and releasing each part of all tensions.

The Oracle kept looking inward until all the energy clusters opened up and the air ran back undisturbed bringing to his mouth a liberating and peaceful sound.

When the same moaning came out of Set's mouth, Sybil knew that the job was done. The boy had rebalanced and his mind was finally at peace. Sybil opened his eyes, slightly pulled back and gave him a loving smile. Set stared at him with the same eager amazement of a child looking at Santa Claus coming down the chimney.

"You are...the closest thing to God I've ever met" he muttered, his eyes lit with a new light.

"I am neither more nor less than you are, we all are emanations of the divine light manifesting through the kaleidoscope of existence" Sybil corrected him.

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