64. Plan in Motion

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Find You by Stan Walker. Great song recommended by @Weber32. Thanks!

Chapter dedicated to LonesomeWolf5. Thanks so much for your understanding and kind words of encouragement!

Chapter 64—Plan in Motion


Face twisted with obvious disdain, the ridiculous human male snapped at me, "Are you the no good prick who knocked her up?"

For a moment, all conscious thought fled my brain.  I was utterly lost. My Wolf was equally frozen in my mind, standing stock still, not even a tail twitch.   The human's words didn't make any sense. Of course, I understood the question and the implication, but the concept was just too impossible to wrap my brain around. Was it really possible? Could Hycinth be carrying my unborn young?   Every indication from the male's narrowed eyes and combative expression to Luca's quick intake of breath pointed to the shocking truth.

Abruptly, my Wolf sprang back to life, sending out a surge of Alpha dominance I'd never experienced before...

...every Wolf in the room dropped to the ground.

The force of it shocked even me. 

The snarling animal in my head vibrated with out-of-control animosity.   He wanted to his mate and his pup...and he wanted them now!

I wanted the same, but first to get a grip on my sanity, I needed verbal confirmation. Turning to Luca, my voice lowered dangerously. I spoke slowly just to make sure he understood the question completely, "Is this asshole telling me she's pregnant...with my pup?"

A hard shudder rattled down Luca's spine.  He gasped for air, "Y—yes."


Inconceivable but true, which meant Hycinth had to be more than half way through her pregnancy...and once again, this male had stood between me and what was mine.  My hands clenched into fists as I resisted the urge to rip out his throat. Luca blanched, recognizing my lethal intention.  A few of the wolves behind me moaned.

"And you didn't think to mention that on the phone earlier?"  I didn't bother waiting on Luca's reply before another thought occurred to me. My head snapped toward Sydney. "Did you know she was pregnant?!"

"No!" Sydney panted on her knees, hands splayed on the floor in front of her, struggling to keep herself upright. "I had n-no idea."

"If it makes you feel any better, I told her she should tell you," Lucky gritted, struggling to get the words out. "But she is my family. I'll always stand by her choices...right or wrong."

I glared at him and spat, "Well, just look at how well that plan worked out!  She wouldn't be missing right now if she'd been in my care."

He flinched and hung his head.

"Hey, man," the biker interrupted, eyes wide, holding his gun in the air.   If I could have, I would have laughed.  I didn't give a shit about the weapon. His stance remained defensive. "I don't know what you're doin' to them. But you need to let that shit go for a minute. Right now, she needs our help."

"I know that!" I hissed. But knowing it and doing it were two different things. My Wolf was stomping around in my head, snarling to get free so that he could track our mate. But given what I already knew about Hycinth's abduction, running around outside, trying to catch her scent, wasn't going to be productive. Taking a deep breath in, it required every bit of my discipline to pull back and contain my wildly out-of-control alpha influence. A low flow of energy continued to emit from me, but finally, I had a grip on it.  

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