♡Played|Part Three♡

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A week had passed since (Y/N) had played that prank on me, where she lied that she had been pregnant with another man's child. Of course, when I had first heard the words leave her mouth, I was in complete disbelief. I should've known better. (Y/N) had always been a smart woman, and underestimating her was always a big mistake.

I was in the living room of our house, seated on the large sofa as I thought about how to get (Y/N) back. Today was our fifth wedding anniversary, and I had the perfect idea. It was only nine in the morning, and (Y/N) was getting dressed. She had assumed that I was going to take her out for breakfast, which I was, but I was going to play things a tad bit different.

I glanced at my watch before I heard a pair of footsteps descending the staircase. I turned my head, and saw (Y/N) - she looked stunning. She was the most beautiful human being on the face of the earth. Her hair was teased, and her lips were dark red. She had on eyeliner, and it emphasized the color of her eyes perfectly.

"Hi," she smiled as she reached the bottom of the staircase.

"Hi," I smiled a little, trying my best not to show just how enchanted I was by her beauty. "I don't feel like going out today," I sighed. "Perhaps you should go out on your own," I fished out my wallet from the pocket of my coat.

"What?" her face fell. "Are you sick?" she approached me, allowing me to catch a whiff of her intoxicating scent.

"No," I shrugged. "I just don't feel like going out,"

I opened my wallet, taking out a hundred dollar note and holding it out to her.

"Go on your own," I stared at her.

She folded her arms and shook her head. Her innocent features were driving me crazy, and it took everything within me to keep a straight face.

"Michael..." she trailed off. The way she said my name made me desperate to smile. "Do you even know what today is?" she frowned a little.

"Friday?" I frowned, pretending not to remember.

"That's all?" her eyes began to tear up.  "Friday?! That's all you remember about today?!"

"Yeah...?" I continued to frown at her. (Y/N) groaned and turned around, making her way up the staircase. "(Y/N)," I called her name, but she ignored me. She reached the top, entering the bedroom that we shared together. After a second, she came marching down the staircase again - holding her small, pink notebook.

She walked up to me, opening the book and shoving it in my face - making me chuckle a little.

"There!" she exclaimed. "Look at that! Look at the date!" she bit her lip. "Five years, five years and you can't remember,"

I widened my eyes, pretending as if I had just realized.

"Oh," I stared at her.

"I can't believe you," she shook her head. "You're such a jerk. You couldn't even remember our anniversary,"

I burst out laughing, walking up to her and pulling her close. She tried to move away, but I was stronger than her.

"Get off me!" she sniffled.

I held her tight, bringing my right hand to wipe away the tears that were streaming down her face.

"Baby, it was a prank," I whispered. "Stop crying. Of course I know that today is our fifth wedding anniversary. How could I forget it? It took you exactly two minutes to walk up the aisle, because your dress was so long," I looked into her eyes, watching her relax a bit. "And if you check your closet, I've hidden your gift in there. I could never forget,"

She stared at me for a long moment before sighing, pushing me lightly.

"Then why would you do that?" she scoffed a little. "You made me shove my notebook in your face," she pouted a little.

"Well, it was to get you back for that prank that you had played on me," I raised an eyebrow. "When you told me that you were pregnant with a child that wasn't mine,"

She bit her lip before breaking into laughter.

"I can't believe you," she shook her head. "Now I have to go and redo my makeup," you rolled your eyes.

"Go and do that, I'll wait for you here," I whispered.

"I love you so much, Jackson," she laughed, making me smile wide.

The truth was, I would always love her more than she could ever possibly imagine.

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