24. Running Towards the Trouble.

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Even the guards trembled at the shrill screams that resonated through the halls. Trisha spat our blood on the floor as her insides burned, tears streamed down her eyes and she wanted to die. She wanted that pain to end but death was not that friendly. Her nerves were splitting and throbbing as she clutched her chest and screamed again, screamed for help as she could not say the words out loud.

The gas in the room wouldn't let her lose consciousness so she just tried to stop breathing and die once and for all but desire to live gushed inside and she gasped for breath yet again making her shriek in pain all over again.

Her veins were turning blue and some kind of redness was spreading through her body. Her eyes burned and her body was aching so much that she wanted to detach each part from herself so that she could stop feeling the pain.

Suddenly she heard guns shots and she held her breath for another moment to get the hold of circumstances. And within seconds the guard in front of her was shot in his legs.

And she saw her brother standing in front of her looking like he could tear mountains apart. He was angry and she could see blood in his eyes. He snatched the key from the guard wailing in pain and opened the glass door to the torture chamber. Using all the adrenaline in her body Trisha rushed out so that her brother could not inhale the gas and collapsed on the ground just as she was out.

"Trisha." She saw the anger leave his brother's eyes and concern take over.

"I am sorry." She said as she gained her freedom to lose consciousness now.

Because deep down she knew this was all her fault.


"She looks ghastly pale." It was Killian's voice. 

Trisha wanted to open her eyes just to make sure she was not dreaming. Or that she was not dead but her eyes lids were lead heavy. She tried to move even a finger to let them know that she can listen but her whole body was numb from pain.

"Her fingers are moving," Sage said and she felt the relief in his voice.

"She needs another dose of that injection." She heard an unfamiliar tone.

"Let's give her one then." This time it was Ryan and he still sounded angry.

After a few seconds, she felt a prick of a needle on her arm that sent a shock through her body. Her eyes shot open and she tried to get a clear vision of the room in front of her. She had to blink multiple times to see four people standing in front of her. She was in a room that looked neat and clean and a little too arranged for her taste.

But the first thing that caught her eye was a girl in doctor's gown holding Ryan's hand as he worriedly looked over her.

"That was some heroic cool ass entry." She managed to say in a croaked tone and saw Ryan face relax and his lips lift in a slight smile.

"What happened?" She asked Sage who was still looking at me like I will collapse.

Everyone went into a detailed description taking turns of how after Ryan rescued her, his girlfriend helped them escape and they are at her personal clinic in the countryside. And that she was severely injured and had been unconscious for past two days.

"Also, the plague is has hit the city."


The news channel was filled with the death of locals with the mystery fever. The symptoms were unmistakably similar to how she saw the "demo" she was shown. She saw people cough blood and then their ears would bleed out and then they would just die.

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