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You opened your eyes, taking a moment to realize that there were streams of sunlight leaking into the bedroom, through the beautifully designed window. You sat up and groaned a little, as you always did when you woke up. Your husband, Michael, wasn't in bed with you - so you quickly calculated that he was in the bathroom when you heard movements from inside.

"Michael?" you called. A moment passed before the bathroom door opened, revealing your fully dressed husband. "Oh damn, you're already dressed?" you sighed, brining your palm to rest against your forehead. "Why didn't you wake me up? We're supposed to go down to the studio together this morning,"

Michael chuckled, walking out of the bathroom, making his way over to sit down at the edge of the bed.

"Relax, you still have time to get ready," he smiled at you lovingly. "You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you up so soon," he laughed.

"But now that I'm up, I'd better get ready," you got up from the bed. "Shit! I don't even have an outfit picked out yet!"

Michael broke into a laugh, standing up, and turning around to face you.

"You'd look beautiful in anything," he winked. "I'll go wait for you downstairs," he made his way over to you, kissing your cheek. "Don't take too long," he teased before walking out of the bedroom.

Well, time to get ready.


After you had gotten dressed, you had rushed down to meet Michael. You were wearing an oversized sweater over skinny jeans, and you happened to be very satisfied with the way you looked.

The drive down to the studio wasn't very long, and in no time - Michael had already begun working with his fellow team members. At present moment, you were seated in the dance studio - watching as Michael moved effortlessly. Despite the fact that you weren't directly contributing to his dance, you were supporting him in every way you could.

Michael laughed with several other women, and you could tell that they all admired him. You felt like a million.

As you watched your husband, Frank, Michael's manager, walked up to you. He had a wide smile on his face, and it made you break into a wide grin yourself.

"Hey," Frank sat down on the bench beside you. "It's nice to finally see you at the studio," he chuckled.

"Ah, thank you," you laughed, turning to face him.

"You know...Michael seems to be getting close to Catherine," Frank casually remarked, making you frown.

"Catherine?" you raised an eyebrow.

Frank nodded, pointing out one of the women that Michael was laughing with. The woman had beautiful, blonde hair that fell past her hip. She had large green eyes, and a stunning smile. She was gorgeous.

Michael saw you looking, and when he did - he waved at you. You waved back before turning to look at Frank again.

"Are you sure?" you had a worried look painted on your face.

"Yep," Frank sighed, patting your shoulder. "I didn't want to tell you, but I thought that you should know,"

With that, Frank stood up and walked away. With a frown on your face, you fiddled with your wedding ring nervously. Were Frank's words true?

Several minutes passed before Michael walked up to you, sitting down beside you.

"Hey," he smiled, sounding a little out of breath.

"Hi," you responded, sounding rather troubled.

"Is...everything okay?" Michael raised an eyebrow at you.

"Uh....yeah," you sighed, closing your eyes before opening them again. "I mean...no, not really,"

"What's wrong?" Michael frowned at you.

"Well....it's probably nothing but...Frank offhandedly mentioned that you and Catherine were becoming close,"

Michael's eyes widened as he nodded slightly.

"Ah, Catherine," he responded. "Yeah, she's really beautiful,"

"Are you serious?" you narrowed your eyes at your husband.

"Yeah, she's gorgeous," he smiled a little. "Her features are very attractive,"

"Gee, Michael, you're not exactly making me feel any better. If you find her so attractive, then why don't you go be with her?"

Michael opened his mouth to say something, but Catherine walked up to the two of you.

"Uh, Michael," she smiled at him, winking a little. "Can I speak to you for a second?" she bit her lip. "In private?"

"Sure," Michael stood up, making you do the same.

"Aw hell no," you pulled Michael back, slapping him across the face. "Are you serious?!"

Michael burst out laughing as he held his hand up to the side of his face that you had slapped. Catherine began laughing too, and Frank walked in - laughing as well.

"I told you she's feisty!" Michael giggled, looking at Frank. "You cannot mess with (Y/N)," he looked back at you.

"What the hell is going on?" you set your hands on your hips.

"It was a prank, darling!" Catherine smiled widely. "This whole thing was Frank's idea!"

You turned to look at Frank, shaking your head.

"Guilty," Frank held his hands up.

"Why the hell would you do that?" you broke into a small laugh.

"Well, you're always so calm and collected - I wanted to see your feisty side, the side that Michael constantly talks about," he chuckled. "I'm sorry,"

"Ugh, I'm sorry," you looked at your husband. "I didn't mean to slap you," you grimaced a little.

Michael shook his head, pulling you close.

"I don't mind being hit a thousand times, as long as it's your hand," he kissed your cheek.

"He loves you so much, he won't stop talking about you to us," Catherine smiled widely. "And to be honest, you're the most beautiful person here," she grinned. "From one woman to another,"

You laughed, shaking your head.

"Thank you," you responded. "That means a lot to me, coming from a gorgeous girl like yourself,"

"Girl love!" Catherine squealed before Michael ran his hands up and down your waist.

"I'm on a half hour break now," he whispered into your ear. "Shall we go somewhere secluded?"


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