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Wiping the small beads of sweat from my forehead, I breathed in deep, looking around at the silent people. It’s been two hours since we got trapped in this place, and we’ve yet to hear any progress.

These two hours have been silent, and felt more like 2 years. It was so silent; you could hear the shear breathing of everyone in the elevator. Occasionally Zayn would snicker quietly to himself, for whatever reason. I didn’t really pay any mind to anything, though. I just closed my eyes and tried to sleep until this whole thing was over.

I let out a heavy sigh and looked at everyone around the elevator. They were all showing boredom, hopelessness, and anger through different emotions and facial expressions.

“I’ve got an idea…” Liam suggested slowly before looking up to me, with worried eyes.

I threw my arms up above my head, “Okay! Okay! We can play a game.”

His face instantly lit up and a big smile beamed across, “Alright! We’ll play a game I use to play as a kid. We’ll each take turns saying a letter, and then we’ll all say something about ourselves that begins with that letter!” He smiled as his eyes swept across the dim lit elevator.

“I’ll start,” Brooke volunteered quietly, “I,” She added.

“Pakistan is between Iran and India,” Zayn smiled cheeky.

“What does that have to do with you? You’re obviously from the UK…” I glared at him.

“My father’s from Pakistan,” He smirked. “What about you?”

“Instruments,” I sarcastically smiled, “I play 3. The violin, the piano, the guitar.”

I crossed my arms feeling pleased with my come back.

“Irish,” Niall raised his arm for a moment when he jumped in, “I’m Irish. From Ireland. Mullingar.”

I shot him a strange look, because... Why did we need to know all of that? Like honestly, he could’ve left it at Irish.

“I’ve been to Italy,” JB chimed in, with a slight smile.

“As a kid, I made an igloo,” Brooke gently smiled.

“Ehm..” Liam looked around a bit worried, “I… Uh… I like ice cream.” He smiled shyly as he looked around the group of us strangers.

“I’LL go next,” Zayn’s voice popped in, in a demanding tone, “I chose the letter-“Zayn’s words were interrupted by the lights that began flickering on and off in the elevator. Each and every button on the wall that the door was on, lit up, with the slight ding. After that, the rumbling and shaking began once again, followed by a loud CRACK. The elevator began dropping down every level, quickly falling. All of us were lifted into the air and sustained there for several seconds as the quick jolt of the elevator floor raised us to the ceiling, hitting our heads and backs hard. The air was cold and hard and it pressed all of our bodies upwards.

My life flashed before my eyes as everything went in slow motion. The bottom of the elevator hit the ground hard, with a loud crashing sound, but we were still floating in the air. All at once the slow motion left and everything went back.

I opened my eyes, on my knees and my face against the cold ground, it ached. A coppery taste coated my tongue. I gathered the energy in my sore body to raise my top half and examine my hurt face. I spat into the palm of my hand, blood filled it thick. I ran my tongue across all of my top teeth, and found that there was a large gaping hole in my inner cheek on the right of my mouth. My teeth must’ve cut into the thin flesh of my mouth.

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