♡A Special Bond♡

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"Yeah," you spoke into the telephone receiver. "I'll meet you there," you breathed before disconnecting the call, placing the receiver down.

Your best friend, and roommate, Luisa - walked into the living room with two cups of tea, setting yours down onto the coffee table. You sighed, seated on the sofa comfortably.

"Was that Michael?" she questioned, sitting down beside you.

"Yeah," you nodded, fiddling with your fingers.

Let me paint the picture for you.

You and Michael had been married for two years, tying the knot where you were eighteen. However, your marriage had fallen apart when you lost your first child with him, unfortunately having a miscarriage when you were four months along.

The two of you had tried to work things out, but to no avail. At present moment, you and Michael were divorced - but still spoke often. Every year, the two of you would meet up to remember the life of your lost baby. Despite the fact that you had never gotten to see your child, you loved it just the same.

It was a part of you, and when you had lost it - you lost a part of yourself as well.

Michael had moved on, starting a relationship with Lisa Marie Presley. You, however, had taken a break from the whole relationship scene. You were not ready to enter that area yet again.

After you and Michael had parted ways, you had moved in with Luisa. You had to admit, you were extremely grateful for her. She supported you throughout.

"Are the two of you going to meet today?" Luisa questioned softly, taking a sip of her tea.

"Yeah," you nodded. "He wants me to meet him at Neverland," you bit your lip.

"Oh," Luisa nodded. "Are you comfortable with that?"

"I guess," you shrugged. "It doesn't matter, as long as we meet, I guess," you shook your head. "But I don't think Lisa will be comfortable, she hates me," you laughed a little. "Not that I give a shit,"

Luisa giggled a little at your comment, making you smile a little. Ever since you had lost your baby, you hardly ever smiled - which is why you were thankful for your best friend. She made you feel at ease.

"What does Michael see in Lisa anyway?" she rolled her eyes. "She's such a downgrade from you,"

"Don't say that," you chuckled softly. "Michael seems to love her. He must see something in her that we don't see,"

Luisa opened her mouth to say something, but you stood up.

"I won't be able to drink my cup of tea," you gestured to the cup that sat on the coffee table. "I'm sorry," you grimaced a little. "I should go and get ready, Michael said he'd send a car to pick me up in an hour,"

Luisa nodded in understanding.

"Take care," she grinned.

"I will,"


Just as you had finished getting ready, the car, that Michael had sent, had arrived. You grabbed your bag and said your goodbyes to Luisa before walking out of the house, shutting the door behind you. Bill, the driver, smiled when he saw you. He was standing outside of the car, waiting to open the door for you.

Since you knew most of the staff members that worked for Michael, moments with them were not awkward.

"Good morning, Miss (Y/N)," Bill smiled, holding the door open. You smiled a little, getting into the car.

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