Chapter 18

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"Sebastian and I have something important we need to tell you," Teegan began, taking my hand over the table.

Ambrose looked confused for a second, his smart brain probably running through a list of possible scenarios.

Teegan looked at me, silently asking me to speak, "How would you feel about a little brother or sister?"

Hopes smile faded, but surprisingly Ambrose's didn't infact it got bigger, "Can it be a little brother please?"

Teegan and I laughed, "We can't control that, but you're happy about a little sibling?" Teegan asked.

Ambrose nodded leaning back in his chair, "Only if its a boy." We took that as a good enough answer.

"Hope? How do you feel about this?"

She was starting to pout and her arms were crossed, "I don't want a brother or sister."

"That's not nice," I said lightly and got up to walk over to her.

I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck, "Think of all the fun things you can do with your little sibling," I said and rubbed her back, "Like play with them, teach them everything you know. Like how to be so sweet."

I felt her smile against my neck, "And how to be so cute, and funny." I finished and started to tickle her sides, making her squirm and giggle as she slapped my shoulders.

Teegan was talking with Ambrose as I tickled Hope, cheering her up and changing her mind about a new sibling.

We talked a little while longer, Hope had a few more questions.

"When will she get here?" Hope asked about the baby.

"He or she will be here soon, so we are going to have to get things ready," Teegan answered.

"Like a nursery, which I'm sure you two would love to help paint," I added, "And a baby shower."

"I don't need a shower," Teegan insisted.

"Of course you do," I pushed, he knew I wouldn't take no for an answer.

"What's a nursery?" Hope asked.

"And a baby shower?" Ambrose asked, his face scrunching up in confusion.

"A nursery is the babies room, you each had one when you were younger," Teegan explained, "And a baby shower is a party you have for the baby before it is born."

"A party?" Hope smiles, liking the sound of that, Ambrose didn't look too pleased.

"Don't worry Ambrose, you don't have to go, you and Sebastian can go do something fun." Ambrose seemed happier after that.

We let Hope and Ambrose play with their friends before dinner, leaving me with time to talk with Teegan.

"When do you want to tell our parents?" I asked him as I held him in my arms. We were on the couch in the living room, watching some pointless show.

"We can tell your dad tonight and I can call my parents tomorrow," he answered, turning around to look at me, "Does that sound alright?"

I nodded, kissing his forehead, "Sounds perfect."

We found Hope and Ambrose and met my father in the dinning hall where Hope was the one to share the big news.

"Guess what," Hope said as soon as my father sat down beside her.

"What?" He asked as he pilled on food to his own plate as well as hers when she asked.

None of us knew what she was going to say, I thought she was just going to go on about her day as she usually does but when she spoke we all were a little surprised, "I'm going to be an big sister."

My father turned to Teegan and I with a questioning gaze, "Is she telling the truth?"

I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face, "Yeah."

I wish we had been the ones to tell him but as soon as I saw the smile that spread across his face and the way he hugged Teegan and I immediately after, I was okay with it. Especially when Hope joined in because that was just the type of person she was, always looking for love and attention.

We talked the rest of dinner about the baby and Hope and Ambrose added their opinions.

After dinner we watched half of a movie with the pups then tucked them in.

Teegan was tired so I laid with him until he fell asleep. I however, had work to do. Even through all the excitement of these past weeks I've still been working on finding the person behind all of these things to Teegan.

In fact I had been on the phone with someone earlier that day about it when Teegan walked in to my office to share the big news.

I went to my office and looked over everything we knew so far, like I did every night. Nothing new had come up yet. But regardless I kept working until I couldn't focus anymore because of my need to sleep.


When I woke up I was sick, but not as bad as normal, I didn't even throw up, I just couldn't eat breakfast with the rest of them. The medicine was working.

"What's wrong?" Ambrose when he noticed I wasnt eating.

"Your papa just doesnt feel very well." Sebastian said, wrapping his arm around me and kissed my forehead.

"I'll feel better later," I smiled, reaching over to ruffle his hair then going back to leaning on Sebastian.

Later that day I decided to call my parents and share the news.

"This is so exciting," my mom said over the phone.

"Yeah, Sebastian and I are really happy."

"How did Hope and Ambrose take it?" My dad asked.

"Ambrose didnt really care but you know how Hope is, she loves to be the center of attention so it'll be a little hard on her."

"Yeah, are you having a baby shower?" My mom asked.

"Sebastian really wants to have one so yeah I think I am."

"Do you mind if I help with it?" I knew she was excited, this would be the first baby shower she had ever helped me with or even attended of mine.

"Not at all, I'd love the help." I smiled.

"Yay, me and and your sister have already thrown around ideas. We didn't know it would he this soon but we knew it would happen eventually."

I laughed, of course they had already discussed things like that. I stayed on the phone with them for a while longer before we said our goodbyes.

I walked around the pack house until I found Sebastian in his office speaking to a few people.

I felt bad for not knocking but pushed that thought out if my head when I saw the smile that spread across Sebastian's face. He dismissed the people in his office and motioned me over.

"I told my parents," I said, wrapping my arms around him, resting my head on his chest, "They were ecstatic, this will be the first baby shower my mom will be at for me, she cant wait to help with it."

"That's great," he kissed the top of my head, "I told my siblings today, they are all excited and can't wait to come back for the baby shower."

I smiled, "This is really happening. Its crazy."

He turned me around and rested his hands on my slowly growing stomach, "Good crazy," he said and kissed my neck.

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