No Control ~ 15 {Yoongi/Suga FF}

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Yoongi pulled away and he continued to caress your face as he looked in your eyes. Yoongi was officially yours... He belonged to you... You were feeling beyond happy...

Who knew two enemies can end up falling for each other?

"What should we do now? I'm kind of new at this," Yoongi randomly blurts out awkwardly and you couldn't help but giggle.

"Well," You glanced at the time and knew if your uncle didn't show up now he must be coming home late.

"We have the house to ourselves for a couple of hours, so for now..." not letting you finish your sentence, Yoongi grabbed a hold of your hand and before you know it the both of you were out the door.


"So about the boys, when will you let me see them again?" You asked as you had your head on Yoongi's chest and the two of you were staring at the tv.

You could feel Yoongi's eyes on you and you just smiled.

"Not anytime soon," Yoongi answers and at that point on you lifted yourself up and off of Yoongi's chest and stared right at him.

"What!? why!" You didn't want to hear that kind of response from Yoongi especially because you liked the boys. They were sweet and very funny.

"What do you mean why? You and Jimin should not be in the same room alone ever again," Yoongi says looking straight at the tv and a huge smile spread across your face.

Is that the reason why Yoongi doesn't want you around the boys? Was it because Jimin and you happened to share a kiss?

"Aw is someone jealous?" You asked him but he looked at you and blurted out no with no hesitation.

Yoongi clearly seemed like the stubborn type of guy who is in denial however you weren't going to let this topic go so easily. You were planning to do whatever it takes for him to confess that he's jealous.

"Okay, I guess I'll have to text Jimin and ask him when can I see him myself," You said smirking as you pulled out your phone from your pocket and you could feel Yoongi watching your every move.

Jimin actually gave you his number during the camping trip so it was the perfect chance to see if Yoongi was the jealous type.

You clicked on Jimin's number and just as you were texting, you felt your phone get snatched from your hands and you looked at your hands and then at Yoongi who now had your phone in his hands.

"I'm deleting this," he says and you watched him delete Jimin's number right in front of you. This boy...

"Yoongi!" You screeched and Yoongi hands you back your phone with a huge smile.

"You're mine now," after witnessing that you were actually able to say that Yoongi is the jealous type.

You sighed and playfully rolled your eyes. Yes, you and Jimin might have flirted here and there but you wanted him as a friend... Although you got Jimin's number deleted it was cute to see protective Yoongi play his part in front of you.

"Can't I just be friends with the boy?" You asked Yoongi hoping he would say yes but instead he said the complete opposite.


You pouted and Yoongi just smiles.

"You're a pain sometimes,"

You giggled and you could feel Yoongi lean in and his lips touch yours. You two have been sitting on the couch cuddling for quite some time... A little making out won't hurt, am I right?

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