No Control ~ 15 {Yoongi/Suga FF}

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"The problem is," he said as he leans in, "If I kiss you, I don't think I'd be able to stop."

Summary: Moving across the country.. can't be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn't know your way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy... the boy with the bad attitude...


"So you want a secret relationship?" You asked for reassurance and he shrugged.

"Why not?"

To be honest you have no idea where this side of Yoongi came from but you kind of liked it. Your heart was racing and your mind was filling with thoughts. What if your uncle found out? He would fire Yoongi and it would be your fault... But then again Yoongi is here willing to take the risk...

Plus on top of that, your feelings would just be able to go away easily especially if you are always around Yoongi...

"So what do you say? Do you maybe want to try it out?" Yoongi asked you and you just stared at him.

Was it wrong that you wanted to say yes?


"Yoongi..." You didn't know how to properly respond if anything you were beyond speechless.

The truth was you wanted to say yes but it was risky...

"Is that a yes?" Yoongi asks and you continued to hesitate.

If you were to say yes it was because you know the longer you are around Yoongi the feeling will continue to grow and it's clear the both of you like each other. But if you say no it's because you're afraid that Yoongi will be jobless because of your careless decisions.

"What if he finds out?" You asked Yoongi.

"Your uncle?" That's exactly who you were referring to.

"Well no duh," you were waiting for Yoongi to suddenly change his mind however the complete opposite happened.

"Let him find out," in the beginning, Yoongi was worried about losing his job but now it seems like he doesn't care.

"Yoongi," at this point it seems like the only person who's worry about Yoongi losing his job is you. However, instead of fighting or arguing with Yoongi about this, you decided to hear him through.

"And if you don't like the idea of your uncle finding out then we can just keep our relationship a secret," Yoongi continued to persuade you and it was becoming harder to resist especially since Yoongi's face was inches away from yours.

"Okay." You said a low whisper and Yoongi stared at you and a small smirk seemed to form on his face.

"What was that again? I couldn't exactly hear you," you knew Yoongi heard exactly what you said however he wanted to tease you.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath and said it louder this time.

"Okay," you said and slowly opened your eyes.

"Really?" Yoongi asks smiling and you nodded your head.

"We are actually doing this?" Yoongi asked for reassurance and you smiled.

This was actually happening... The two of you were willing to give it a shot even if it means you had a secret relationship behind your uncle's back. But then again what he doesn't know what kills him.

Instead of speaking you cupped Yoongi's face with your hands and pulled him into a slow meaningful kiss. Your lips moved in sync with Yoongi and the kiss felt right. To be honest you weren't expecting for the two of you to kiss anytime soon however here you two are.

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