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"Let me preface this by saying please don't be mad at me," David dropped onto the couch next to me, hiding something behind his back.

I had been living in David's house for only a few days, and so far, it wasn't that bad. I left the house solely to go to school and to thirdwheel with David's friends, but he wasn't particularly mean to me and I wasn't scared of him anymore. All I did was sleep in his bed (he didn't buy a cot), eat his food, and do my schoolwork. It was a pretty simple life, but I actually liked not living in the dorms. I got a shower that I didn't have to share with the other people on my floor, and I slept in a (shared) queen sized bed. It wasn't that bad.

"What do you mean? If you think I'm going to be mad, I'm probably going to be mad," I placed my laptop onto the couch beside me and twisted to face him. "Let's see it. What'd you do?"

"Okay, so I had an idea," he pulled a red shopping back with gold embroidering out from behind his back, placing it into my empty hands. My jaw went slack, and I almost dropped the bag. It didn't feel right having it in my hands. I was too poor to be holding a Cartier bag. "You look mad."

"What the fuck is in here?" I raised my eyebrows, unable to move my hands to actually look. I didn't want to know. Whatever it was probably cost more than my tuition, and I'd much rather David pay my student loans than buy me ridiculously expensive gifts.

"Uh, just open it," he urged me and I carefully dipped my hand inside, feeling around and touching not one, not two, but three boxes.


"Just open it!"

"Fine," I snatched the first box rather roughly from the bag and ripped it open, shocked at what I found inside. If I was shocked by the bag, I could have died looking at the gift in front of me. "Holy fucking shit, David."

"Listen, I have a good idea—"

"Holy fucking shit," I grabbed the silver love bracelet from the box, twisting it around my fingers to count the ten diamonds on it. "David, this is like ten thousand dollars, isn't it?"

"Well, like fifteen," he mumbled under his breath, only laughing when my eyes almost bulged out of my head. "But seriously, I have an idea with them."

"Them?" I dropped my head in shock to look down at the two identical boxes still in the bag. "There are two more, aren't there?"

"Uh, yeah," he awkwardly nodded, pulling the two other boxes out of the bag. "I didn't know what color, so I got all three."

"David," I wiped the tears that were forming under my eyes. I wasn't used to nice gestures, especially not forty five thousand dollars worth of nice gestures. "You seriously can't do that."

"Why?" he cluelessly asked. "You're about to be all swollen and in pain and... stretched. It's the least I could do. Plus I have an idea for how we could come out as a couple. And they were so shiny. I had to buy them."

"What's your idea?" I set the box in my hands down, scared that I was going to drop it. Even the box felt too expensive for a gift. "But I want you to return them. Don't let me saying that give you the idea that I want them. I already see the little gears in your big ass head turning, and—"

"Why do you all think I have a big head? You and your friend both told me I had a big head. It's not even that big; it's regular sized!" he defensively frowned. "It really hurts my feelings!"

"God, you are so dramatic. You bought me fifty thousand dollars worth of gifts! That's not cool!" I gestured to the three bracelets worth more than me.

I have to say, his idea for our coming out picture was pretty damn cute. It was a picture of my wrist with the three bracelets and his hand (with his Cartier rings) wrapped around just below the bracelets. I was sitting on top of him and you could only see the corner of his face, but you could definitely tell who it was. It was cute, I would give him that. Plus all the basic girls from USC would be so jealous of my love bracelets that I just had to accept the gifts.

David let me pick the caption because he wasn't good at "romantic shit", and because I was the one that was going to be posting it. David was sure the fans would find it within an hour, so he wasn't worried about no one seeing the post.

I chose a quote from one of my favorite movies, with a few minor changes, of course.

@.sloanecarlisle: for my dearest darling, treasured, cherished David whom I worship. with respect, adoration, admiration, kisses, gratitude, best wishes and love from S to D

It was perfect, if I do say so myself. It showed that not only were we hopelessly in love with each other, but also that we had a good taste in movies. David approved, though he didn't know exactly what the quote was from (seriously, I could quote it without looking and he couldn't even name the movie). I posted it when a decent amount of people were on, and waited patiently for the first fan account to like it.

David was right. He must have fans constantly checking his tagged photos, because within minutes of posting my picture, I had accounts with Dobrik in their usernames liking and commenting. Because it was obviously a real account, and I was obviously not a crazed fan, people took it seriously fast. Within a few hours, I had thousands of new followers on Instagram, and with David's comment confirmation (Wow Im so cute), the picture took off.

I tried to respond to the first several comments since I myself wasn't a fan of mystery, explaining that yes, David and I had been together for five months and no, I didn't condone the purchasing of the Cartier bracelets.

It only hit me a few hours later exactly what I had just done.

The first comments received were mostly shocked and confused people, wondering if the picture was photoshopped or if it was a prank. It was when the bigger accounts found it and started reposting that everyone, and I mean everyone was commenting. Apparently, David's fans weren't over his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Liza Koshy. It was like I killed their baby. They were mad we were together, not because we were together, but because I ruined the chances of a Diza reunion. I couldn't break it to them that Diza probably wasn't going to get back together anyways, so I sat silently, waiting for a voice of reason.

It came in the form of a fan account with over ten thousand followers.

@.username: david is happy and this girl has my whole college tuition on her wrist so lets leave them alone please

I liked her comment, sent her a thank you message in her DMS, and cut off my phone for the night. Being David's girlfriend was going to be a lot more draining than I thought.

SO no one answered my last question bc u all hate me, but im 17, white, medium brown hair (which im about to die black brown and cut to like a collarbone length), aquarius, brown eyes...... maybe ill post a photo soon. im supposed to be getting my senior pics back this week so ill post one of those!!!

i just think its so weird that none of us know who eachother are......... like what if i know one of you and u have no clue................... so odd

anyways vote and comment and lmk what u think!!!! xoxo abby

ps if u know the movie quote we are one

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