Chapter 41

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I knew I had to face my dad sooner or later I just didn't expect him to be here when I woke up.

"Where's Blaze?" I asked still not looking him in the eye.  This was the first time I had seen my dad since it happened. I never expected to be telling him on my own.

"Never mind about Blaze sit" He ordered as he pushed back his chair and got to his feet. "White coffee no sugar yeah?"

"Dad look-..."

"Sit in the damn chair Ava" He snapped cutting me off.

I sure as hell have never sat down as quick in my life. As we all know my dad is a scary man, ruthless and yeah sometimes heartless. When he tells you to sit you park your little ass on a chair.

"Why didn't you come home? Why didn't you come to me? dammit" He hissed thumping his fist off the worktop.

My heart was hammering in my chest but I had yet to look at him. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I didn't want to see the sympathy or the heartbreak that I knew was there.

"Fuck sweetheart you should have came to me". Sighing I watched as he poured the hot water into my cup then passing it to me. "I should have been the one-"..... and then he stopped.

"Should have been the one to what?" I asked "Save me?" Rolling my eyes I held my cup with a tight grip. What happened happened we can't go back in time and fix it. I just had to live with it and move on.

"Yes Ava fucking save you cause that's what I'm meant to do. I'm meant to protect you from getting hurt and I didnt".

Finally bringing my head up so I could look at him I held back a cry. My big, strong dad was crying. Silent fat tears rolling down his cheeks. "I should have done better I failed you and that caused those fuckers"....

"Dont" I croaked my throat suddenly dry. I couldn't sit here and have this conversation. "Please don't say it" I begged as his head snapped up his eyes meeting mine. Wiping the tears from my cheeks I hid my face in my hands. I was embarrassed, hurt, humiliated and I couldn't face the shame I had brought to my family. My dad and the club were respected around here.

"I-I'm sorry" I stuttered keeping my head low. If I hadn't of ran out on Blaze, if we hadn't of argued none of this would have happen. "I've embarrassed you" I whispered my stomach churning.

"Oh god baby no" He cried his hands cupping my cheeks, lifting my head so he could look at me. "Ava sweetheart please don't think that. What they did to you" Taking a deep breath his eyes fell into slits "Mark my words darling they will pay. Every last one of them will get what's coming to them". Using his thumbs he wiped my cheeks dry "I'm so sorry Ava".

Placing my hands over his I closed my eyes. Regardless of what has happened between us he is still my dad.

"Come on sweetheart get dressed I wanna take you somewhere". Peeling my eyes open I frowned. He wanted to take me somewhere? "Go I'll be waiting outside and wear something comfortable".


Slipping my sneakers on I rubbed my hands down my tracksuit bottoms. These were my comfy clothes and for the past few days had been my only clothes. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror I took a deep breath. 

I could do this

Closing the front door behind me I walked to where he stood. Already holding my helmet out to me I took it slipping it onto my head and making it secure.

"Do I get to know where you're taking me?" I asked as he stood finishing his cigarette.

"Some place you can let it all go" Flicking his smoke to the ground he climbed on his bike waiting for me to get on behind. Sighing I climbed on behind him wrapping my arms tightly around his waist.

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