Chapter 13: Kat

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The next morning, Blake snuck me back upstairs to my room before anyone else in the house awoke.

I hadn't slept much while in his room overnight, the weight of his threats anchoring my eyes open for most of the night, so being back in the 'safety' of my own room for even a couple hours allotted me some much needed sleep.

You'd think that going down to what would now be my third Line up since I'd been here that I'd have some nerves about finally being chosen. I mean, how lucky could I get and for how many times until that luck ran out? Third time's the charm, right?

Wrong. Wrong for one reason and one reason alone.


After hearing his heartbreaking tale about Abbigail, I knew he would continue his efforts to keep me from being chosen. Could it be because in some way I reminded him of her? It's possible. Though, after listening to him talk about her innocence and purity and not being ignorant to still think there was anything of purity left in me, I was pretty certain he was doing it for himself. He failed the girl he loved and watched countless other women fall into the same, grisly fate.

And due to Abbigail and I's similar circumstances, he wanted to prove to himself that he could have saved her if he'd tried or even known how. It didn't have anything to do with me specifically, but to prove to himself that he's not the shit human he's thought himself to be since he let Abbigail down.

Last night had confirmed my theory about Blake.

He wasn't a bad person. Far from it actually. He was in fact a pretty decent person who was stuck living in a world filled with evil people, and at some point decided he had to conform to his surroundings or die revolting from them.

He chose to live and I couldn't shame him for that.

Blake appeared on the other side of my door only a few hours after dropping me off, looking as tired as I should have felt. Thing was, I didn't feel tired though. I felt a strange pep in my step as I greeted him at the door and lighter than I'd felt since being here.

"Morning sunshine." I beamed up at him with a shit eating grin that I knew would irk on his exhausted nerves.

Blake grimaced in response to my peppiness. "What the fucks gotten into you?"

"Nothing and hopefully no one if continue to steer them all away from me with your creative lies." I tossed in a wink of affect.

Blake's lips inched up into a half smile, his eyes lazy and trained on mine as he leaned against the door frame. "Making jokes about your impending fate? I guess someone's finally getting the hang of using humor as a crutch."

I stepped towards him, squeezing myself between him and the other side of the door frame. Rising my chin up to meet his curious gaze, I let the side of my lips inch up as I lowered my voice. "Jokes on you. I've been doing that my whole life."

I then pushed my way past him and began to stroll down the hallway. After a few seconds of his obvious absence, I stopped and turned my head over my shoulder to find him still standing against the door, watching me walk away. I quirked an eyebrow up at him.

"You coming?"

The look in his eyes was something I couldn't decipher, but could at least acknowledge as intense. Whatever it was was gone seconds later as he blinked it away, shaking his head, and pushing off his heel to follow behind me downstairs.

"You know you snore when you sleep?" I asked him as he led me down the stairs.

"Do you know that you snore when you sleep?"

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