Consequence and change

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A.N. This is not exactly a story, but more of a poetic representation of the climax... Plus a few ideas on what would happen next...It was just on my mind.. If anyone has any ideas about how to continue this, please let me know!

Minor spoilers for season 6

I don't own anything...Just my imagination :)

The look in his eyes

As he squeezed the killer's

Last breath right out of his lungs

Spoke a million words

Without ever making a sound..

The killer's head fell back, dead

and Jane stood up,

drinking in, the feeling of pure victory

and successful revenge

But only for a sweet, fleeting moment.

After carefully planting fake evidence,

Patrick Jane, a loving father, husband, and murderer

Ran off into the distance,

To hide from the consequences,

and to build, slowly,

a new life.

"Lisbon. It's over. Just wanted you to know that I'm okay.

I'm gonna miss you"

Two years later...

Patrick Jane

Now living a new life

Incomplete, but new, nonetheless

Incomplete, due to one

missing puzzle piece

in his heart

his mind

his life...


His anchor, his one solidity

His safety net

His life's love

Now gone, because of his own misdoings

The only reassurance

Was her peace of mind about him

Again, due to his doings,

His letters.

"Dear Lisbon,

Your absence is one of the things

that makes this new chapter

strange and lonely"

She read each of his letters,

word by word, everyday,

tears pouring down her cheeks,

every single time.

She was so fed up

of the tears

of sleepless nights

of missing him

of the hole in her heart

of everything.

She banged her fist

on the floorboards.

Unleashing her anger,


and loneliness.

She had brought down

the moon and the sun

for him.

And now, he had left her.


The word seem to echo through

the dusty attic.

His 'home'

his 'refuge'

his undoing.

And right then,

she made a decision.

A few days later...

She stood there silently,

rethinking her decision,

way too late.

Finally, picking up her courage,

she knocked on the wood.



It opened.


It only took a moment

for her to wrap herself

tightly around him.

Her Jane.

The one who had left her,

Hurt her a million times.

But she did not care.

She buried herself in the moment

carving to memory

every detail,

of him,

his hold,

his scent.

When she let him go,

she clearly saw his emotions

pouring down his cheeks.

But he quickly wiped them away.

He could only utter two words

"Thank You"

Lisbon smiled.

He had given her no evident reason

to look out for him,

to come to him,

to stay with him.

But for Lisbon,

there was only one thing

that mattered,

that drove her to him.

His love for her, and

Her love for him.

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