A Piece of Heaven

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Jane chuckled lightly. "It's so good to see you", he whispered.

"Yeah, you too".

That was all she got to say before being tightly pulled against Jane's chest.

And his welcoming warmth spread throughout her body, flaring her love for him and making her blood course through her veins at an unbelievable speed.

It wasn't until she felt Jane's shirt beneath her face getting wet, that she realized she was crying. Jane had noticed immediately. "It's alright Lisbon, everything's fine", he whispered into her hair while stroking her back gently, making her bury herself deeper into Jane's arms.He just rocked them lightly from side to side, whispering small, comforting words every now and then.

Jane moved them to the couch in her living room, where they sat in each other's arms for a long time.After a while, she realized that she hadn't asked anything about his visit.

"What exactly are you doing here? You're still wanted for murder"

Jane looked at her with an expression she had never seen before.He looked so vulnerable, so lost and...hurt.

"I came to see you.I couldn't help myself.I didn't mean to get you in any more trouble..I'm sorry...." He started to get up. Lisbon panicked."No! Please, I didn't mean for it to come out that way.." She grabbed his hand tightly. Jane smiled and returned to his position.

"I missed you", she said, caressing the soft hands she had missed so much.

"I missed you too", and they reveled in yet another snuggle.

They spent the night catching up on the stuff that Jane had missed and what had been too long to put in Jane's letters.

"Are you really happy now, with your new life and all?"Lisbon asked, just to see his reaction.

"Well...as happy as I can be for a wanted fugitive" he chuckled."But, well..." he looked at her with a soft expression in his eyes. "I realized, that my life wouldn't actually be complete unless I was sorrounded with people who cared about me.And that definitely includes you, and so, I came. So yeah, not really happy being alone on an island, though it is practically paradise"

"Oh, Jane" Lisbon really felt sorry for him.He seemed to be stuck in a vortex of bad luck.

"Are you going back?", she asked quietly.

The torn expression on Jane's face told her what she wanted to know.What she knew.

"Lisbon, I-"

"It's alright.I completely understand" she really did.How could he be here, where the arrest warrants for him were too many that there was a special team dedicated to finding him?

"I just wanted to know...to save myself the worry."

"I'm sorry, Lisbon. You know that. I told you that in almost all of my letters. I had to do what I did. But if what i did didn't have any legal consequences, I never would have left you and the team"

"I know, Jane. It's just that...I was so scared. I had no idea what had happened to you, if you were safe. And you have no idea how grateful I am for those letters. Thank you...and continue, please"

Jane gave a short, bitter laugh. "I hardly deserve a thank you.  Least of all, from you."

"You know that you're an idiot, right?"

"Meh. Somewhat"

"Seriously. You had enough things on your head to cope without me. And yet, you knew I'd be worried and wrote. And I just thanked God that you did. And you, ofcourse. But you know what I mean.."

Right then, a police car drove past her house, its sirens wailing.  Jane flinched.

"I should go. My flight leaves at dawn.I have to stop by my motel room for some things, if it even still exists..I'll probably have to search through a room of lost things or whatever.", he said, standing up. Lisbon automatically stood with him.

"Your flight leaves tomorrow? When did you get here?"

"This morning"

"You were serious when you said that you needed to see me", she said, amused.

"Ofcourse I was. Do you think I'd lie to you about things like that?"

Lisbon was silent.

"Oh" He remembered what he had done to her, the helpless look on her face when he sped away, leaving her alone on the beach.

"Ofcourse, you don't trust me now"

"I do"Lisbon interrupted him immediately, "I do, Jane. But it's..it's hard, you know? After all the things I went through without you, I sort of..put my guard up again, more permanantly, I guess"


She looked down. "Like before I met you"

"In short, I ruined your life, and walked out of it as nothing happened." Jane seemed a bit annoyed now. He really was annoyed, angry even, with himself.

"No! I-"

"I know how you feel Teresa. It's okay. It's normal. But you should know that I never intended any of it. I wanted to keep you safe. Because evidently, anyone who is remotely associated with me has a miserable life. And I didn't just walk out of your life. That's why I came back. To show that to you"

Lisbon's face was now awash with tears, her eyes supplying them endlessly. She stood silently for a moment, staring at his face.She stepped towards him, and circled her arms around him, her small frame fragile against his, and hugged him as if it would protect them from all evil in the world.

Jane was taken by surprise. He had expected her to kick him out, realizing that he really had ruined her life. But no, he thought, as he brought her even closer to him, she had chosen to forgive him, for the millionth time.

"I love you, Teresa"

"I love you too....I always have"

Right then, they didn't care about the plane that was waiting for him, or about the million secret service guys that could be spying on them. Right then, they had each other. And for Jane and Lisbon, it was a piece of heaven.

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