A Piece of Heaven

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A.N. This is my first story, so please bear with me. But it's not that bad, I swear

Warnings - Minor spoilers for season 6, happens between 06x08 & 06x09

Disclaimer: I don't own the mentalist, but the story idea here is mine!

Sheriff Teresa Lisbon was lying on her bed on a Saturday evening, her head swimming with loneliness and love. It had been almost a year since Jane left.

Her Jane. The only person in the whole world she could hate and love at the same time. With more of the hate part.

She had found herself forgiving and forgetting each and every stupid act he put on every time they solved a case.

Especially when catching Red John. He had left a huge mess for her to clean up.

He was the reason she got arrested, fired and ended up in Washington, of all places, with a job that kept her securely within 4 very small walls at all times.

And yet, here she was, wondering whether she would ever see him again, and actually missing him. The only thing that kept her from scouring the earth for him, were his letters. She had read and re-read them countless times, reassuring herself that he was okay, that he was breathing. Sure, she wanted him to be happy, living the life he always wanted in complete freedom. But she never thought that it would be this hard on her.

Now, she was miserable.

And it had taken her six months to actually realize why she was missing him so much.

Why she had forgiven him time and again.

Why she always felt protective of him.

And why she had kept his letters in a special box only to open it again and again.

She was helplessly and irrevocably in love with him.

When she had realized it, it had hit her like a 1000-kilo rock on her head. She felt really lost for a few days, crying tears of regret. Regretting the fact that she never actually got to say good bye. And it was even worse because she had been about to do it and then changed her mind.

That day, when he had asked for her gun, asking her to trust him, she had felt so sorry for him, for all that he had gone through, and also happy that he was finally able to get a burden off his shoulders. And right then, she had wanted to hug him and and tell him to be careful.

But she never did it.

And now, she was wasting away on her bed because of that. Suddenly a piercing noise woke her from her day dream. The doorbell. Sighing, she got up slowly and made her way downstairs. She was still getting used to the new house, and she almost knocked over a small table at the end of the stairs. She really was having a bad day.

But when she looked through the peephole, she forgot everything. She could not believe what she saw. She opened the door to confirm her sight. Yes, she could see what was in front of her, but her brain refused to actually process what she was seeing.

Yes, she thought after a minute, he's really here. He was standing in her doorway, all smiles, with his beautiful blonde curls, and, she noticed, a blonde beard to match.

"It's getting a little chilly..Mind if I come in?"

"Oh, sorry...yeah, come in" She closed the door behind him and just kept staring at his face. The face she spent so many sleepless nights thinking about.

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