Chapter 12

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Assalamwalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu my lovely friends

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Zoya's Pov

I sat on my chair and looked around. This is my cabin. I can't believe this, it is so big and beautiful. The table is placed in the middle of the room. A sofa set in the right corner, with a small table in front of the sofa. Two bookshelfs are placed in the left side which was filled with different files and folders.

I loved it Masha Allah.

I saw the laptop and opened it carefully. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. "Come in". I said waited for the person to enter.

The door opened and a "Good morning ma'am. I'm Fazal. Your assistant". He smiled at me. She seems elder than me, not much, but may be two or three years elder.

I smiled back. "Assalamwalaikum". I greeted politely. "Walaikumsalam ma'am. Actually I came to give you your schedule for the today. Other details will be provided to you till the end of this day. If you need anything, just call me from the intercom. My desk number is 1002 and the Sr. Manager's number is 3332 and Sir's number means our boss, number is 4456".

He explained me everything and I listened to him carefully. "Thank you so much Fazal. I'll tell you if I need anything". I said politely and he smiled.

"I would take your leave now". He said and left. I leaned back on my chair and read my schedule. I have alot of work to do. I sighed and started my work.

After few minutes, there was another knock on my door. "Come in". I said and a girl walked inside. She dressed in formals with her hairs tied in a perfect bun. She looks beautiful and perfect Masha Allah.

"I'm sorry to disturb you ma'am but Mr. Sameer is expecting your presence". Now why is he expecting me? Ya Allah, I really don't want to see him. He makes me feel so uncomfortable. But what can I do. He is the boss and I have to go.

"Okay, I'll be there". She nodded and left. I shut the file I was working on and took my phone before leaving my cabin.

I knocked on his door while trying my best to look confident. "Come in". I heard his deep voice from the other side which made me more nervous.

I opened the door and walked inside. "You called me, sir?". I looked at him and then at a man who was sitting there and starring at me. He wasn't looking at me with bad intentions but I still feel uncomfortable.

I instantly looked down as I got nervous and uncomfortable with his stare.

Mr. Sameer suddenly cleared his throat to grab our attention. We both looked at him. I was waiting for him to speak up.

"Zoya let me introduce you to my best friend and business partner, Ayaan". He gesture his hand towards that man while I looked at him then again looked down.

"Hello". Ayaan said softly with a smile on his face

"Assalamwalaikum". I replied politely.

"Aare wa, Walaikumsalam. I'm impressed Ms Zoya. Now a days no one actually follows their religion. I'm glad to meet you". He said politely and smiled at me.

I looked up at him with a small smile. "I'm glad to meet you too Sir". I said softly. He seems like a nice guy. I saw from the corner of my eyes Mr Sameer was glazing at Ayaan Sir. 

Ayaan Sir initiated the conversation and I also started talking with him but I kept it limited.

Suddenly Sameer Sir stood up from his chair and walked towards me. I sensed him coming so I instantly backed away a little. What does he thinks of himself? I really don't like when someone comes close to me.

He stopped in his track and looked at me. "Ms Zoya I hope you have some work to do, if not I can appoint some work".

He said in a hard tone and my eyes widen in shock at his change of behavior. He was the one who called me here and now he is saying like this. I just want to punch him now.

"Yes Sir". I looked down and tried to control my anger. I immediately turned to leave.

"Allahafiz Zoya, it was pleasure meeting you". Ayaan Sir said as stood up from his chair and walked towards the door. He opened the door for me and I smiled at him. He is really nice, why can't Sameer Sir can be like him?

"Allahafiz and it's was nice meeting you too. Thank you". I said and left, not giving any acknowledgement to Sameer Sir.

I walked out of his cabin angrily and went to my cabin. Stupid man. I sat down on my chair and started doing my work.


Imran's Pov

Shit, my late. Zoya must be waiting for me. I have to pick her up from her office. She has send her location and I said I'll come to take her.

She tried to convince me that she will come alone but I don't trust anyone with it comes to my sister. After all I have only one sister.

My day was really bad. Firstly I had so much to work in office then Zainab's matter. I felt anger building inside me just with the mere thought of it.

I breath out heavily to control myself. I reached Zoya's office. It was a huge glass building. I came out of the car and looked around for Zoyi.

Suddenly I saw her standing at a distance and talking to a man. He seems around my age. I instantly went to them.

"Thank you so much for the offer but it's not need my brother will——"


I called and stood beside her protectively. She looked at me before looking at that man. "Who is he?". I asked Zoya while that man smiled at me. I don't like this man.

"I'm her boss. Sameer and you must be her brother right?". He said and I nodded slowly. He extended his hand for a hand shake "Nice to meet you". I shook hand with him and passed him a small smile. "Nice meeting you too".

"Zoya, I think we should leave, it's getting late". I said and she nodded. She started walking ahead of me while I followed close behind her. "see you tomorrow Zoya". That Sameer guy said making me stop in my track. Zoya turned and gave him a small nod before walking towards our car.

We both settle down in our car and I drove off. I was looking straight on the road but I can feel Zoya's eyes on me. "Bhai?"


"Bhai, are you okay?"


She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Bhai what's wrong? Please tell me"


She leaned back on her seat and looked out. I know that she knows the reason behind my behavior that's why I don't want to talk now. She knows I'm upset and not to mess when I'm upset.

Silence filled the car as I drove off. The road was petty empty and it was easy for me to drive fast. "Bhai stop". Zoya said suddenly and I immediately stopped the car and looked at her worriedly.

What's wrong??


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