Diggy's P.O.V

I looked at her and rolled my eyes. I hopped off of my bed and pulled my luggage bag to the door. I brushed past her and walked as fast as I could to the elevator leaving her to trail behind me.

I know this looks bad, really bad. But, I promise it's not what it seems. Star has been throwing her vagina at me since I got into the car with her today and i'm doing a pretty good job at ignoring her, but on the inside I just want her to go away forever. I just have a really bad feeling that she's gunna go too far with everything and i'm gunna either blow up or she's gunna break Imani and I up and both of those are the last things that I want to happen. Babydoll and Beauty don't even do anything about it, they just laugh or put their headphones in like they didn't witness her put her hand on my man hood. I really don't want to tell Imani what's going on because every time I get ready to those words echo in my head. "Don't make me have to fight anyone"

"Wait for me!!" she called as I stepped onto the elevator.

I pressed the close button and watched as her body was sliced in half by the elevator. I pressed L and the elevator began to ease down. I rubbed my hand across my waves and blew out air. This girl is driving me nuts. The elevator opened and I stepped out, spotting Perry and the rest of the crew within an instant. I walked over to them and stood next to Spin and Roger.

"Where's ya boo thang on the side?" Roger asked.

I rolled my eyes and clenched my jaw.

"She is not my boo thang. Don't say that ever again son" I shot back.

Spin and Roger put their hands up in defense and backed away from me with foolish grins on their faces.

"Why the fuck won't she take a hint?" I asked through my teeth.

"I dunno bro. She's probably not there in the head nah mean?" Spin said raising an eye brow.

"Probably not" I replied looking behind me.

She was now standing next to Babydoll and Beauty laughing and doing what girls do. I looked at her too long and she caught my gaze. She smiled and winked at me then blew a kiss. I shook my head and turned away. The guys just laughed at me and made a joke out of it.

"C'mon man it is a little bit funny" Roger said trying to catch his breath.

"No the fuck it's not son. Like not even a little" I retorted.

If these ass holes don't stop laughing imma shove my foot up their asses.

Spin patted my back and motioned me to follow him and the rest of the group to the Tour Bus. I exhaled angrily and trailed behind all of them with my luggage.


Imani's P.O.V

I took a bite out of my toast and took a seat next to Jazzy. The guys joined us at the table and began to eat their eggs and toast.

We were about to go to our last day of rehearsals and then Jazzy and I have a photo shoot and then a meeting with Perry afterwards to discuss the year after the tour. I was kind of excited about it because I wanted to discuss possibly working on an album after tour and then after i'm done with NYU we can start our album tour. I had so many album names it was ridiculous. I had various songs that I had written before fame and after that I wanted to be featured on the album and Jazzy had hers that she wanted on the album as well. I was going through another escapade just thinking about my ideas at the breakfast table that I was attracting attention from those around me.

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