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Ralph sighed as he collapsed back. He finally had enough who were willing to his idea, with a few more thinking about. By pack law, they needed an Alpha, an Elder, two Betas, three Enforcers, and three Deltas, and fifteen Thetas. He had twenty Thetas but finding the Enforcers and Deltas had been hard.

He had e-mailed his contact of the Pack Father who led the local enclave, to have it passed up to have his request to emigrate to Folica, or one of their colony worlds.

His elder brother by almost a century, Gareth, was set to take over the Glenshee Pack when their parents stepped down in a decade, and he already had his Seconds, and own pups to be Next Alpha. The entire pack had been surprised when he showed he also had Alpha ability when he was a pup. All four of the Alpha's children had been Alphas.

That he was only in his sixth decade, pack lore wouldn't let him form a pack till he was a century, so many refused to break with the traditions, and had them turning their back on him. When Ralph had talked to his brother, Gareth had been relieved, and had supported him with his idea. Gareth had started to think he was preparing for challenging him to be Alpha of the pack.

Their parents had been challenged twice by his pups before they had been born. The first had submitted, and then had left with their supporters to set up another pack on their own. It had taken over a century before they were willing to have any communication with their parents. The other had refused to submit and had died in the challenge circle.

From a discussion with the Elders, it had almost broken the Alphas to have to kill their child and took them several decades to recover. He still could see a shadow of pain when they discussed the future leadership. Ralph suspected it was part of the reason they had fairly quickly agreed to his idea when he first brought it to them; it would let him leave on friendly terms and wouldn't disrupt the pack as a whole.

It had been hatched with speaking to Alpha Adam and Brook of his idea, and they had put him in contact with the Folican conclave who were down in London.

Finding his elder was not hard. John was quite interested in the ideas, and willing to split from the pack for the adventure. He was the third oldest of the pack and was into his second half of his fifth century. Ralph was very honoured with his agreement.

One of the Thetas was almost completing their fourth century. She was friends with John, and likely would be joining the Elders soon.

Most of the wolves in his soon-to-be-Pack were in their first century, or early second.

One Delta was actually John's mate, and often was considered an Elder, even if they were still over three decades left of her fourth century. He smiled as his last Deltas were a mated pair who were some that did traditional furniture. It took the promise they would be able to continue doing so to get them to agree.

Being a single wolf, he had tried hard to find his mate, as he wasn't sure about Folicans for mates. The times he had visited the enclave, he hadn't lacked for female companionship. A few had even had his wolf coming out, as they intrigued him. A few of the female Folicans had even taken him up on the invite to come out to his pack—with the Alpha's approval, of course—and had enjoyed themselves not just with him.

Feeling hands massaging his shoulder, he sighed. "Thanks Elly. I need that. I am stressed waiting for the Folicans to decide on it. Last night I even howled to Luna to help us, if she can." Wolves howled their ideas and plans, but rarely did their Moon Goddess ever respond, and often there were heavy costs for her help. In this case, he almost thought the idea came from her, but wasn't sure. Even if it was, she wouldn't step in to help, unless asked. With the Folican deities being much more visible and active, he had felt it was right to have Her put the idea to her counterparts.

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