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'Always keep an eye out

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'Always keep an eye out.'

Laura had let Bucky sleep on the bed while she had stayed up, keeping an eye out for anything. Even though this apartment was in a secret and secluded area of San Francisco, she knew she had to keep a watch for HYDRA. They could easily find them so Laura and Bucky had to be on the move constantly and this had been their latest destination.

Laura had made the decision to stay here because no one knew of this place. After all, this wasn't connected to her time at HYDRA. This was a place that was connected to her dead family which HYDRA had made sure no one knew about. She barely even remembered them; that's how much time had passed since their deaths.

She walked upto the nearest window, looking out as the moonlight poured in. Then she looked back at Bucky through the open door; he was asleep with a grim look on his face most probably as a result of a nightmare. She didn't even want to think what all HYDRA must have done to him; some of it having being done in front of her eyes. She hated that and that was one of the reasons she was here and felt so protective about the man who lay in the room in front of her. HYDRA had ruined everything for everyone and it had taken her a long time to realize that.

Laura walked upto the couch and and then sat down. With one eye on Bucky, she let herself sleep only if it was for a while.

That night she didn't dream of anything and her mind finally felt peaceful.


Laura jolted out of her position when she heard noise coming from the kitchen. She grabbed her gun and holding it at her side, she walked towards the kitchen. When she looked inside, she was surprised as she saw Bucky at the stove, trying to make something. She lowered her gun before she entered, knocking on the door to announce her presence.

"What's cooking?"

"Nothing," He gruffly replied. Even after all this while of staying with him, he was still slightly hostile. It wasn't like she had expected him to immediately open upto her; but she did think he would be slightly nicer to her. After all, she was risking a lot helping him, right? As soon as the thought crossed her mind, she mentally chided herself. Of course, he would still be hostile to her. It would take him a while to warm up to her. Distracted, she didn't realize Bucky had switched off the stove and placed a glass of tea in front of her.

"We're out of milk," He told her. Laura blinked, almost uncertain about what he had said.

"Okay then," She looked at him as she picked up the glass. "I'll go out and get some now." She took a sip of the tea. Delicious, she thought. In all her life, she would never have believed that she would be served tea made by an ex-assassin in an old run down apartment. She took another sip. "This is nice," She remarked. "Really nice, actually. Probably one of the best I have had."

"Uh thanks," Bucky looked at her like he wanted to ask something. "What?" She asked, seeing the look on his face.

"W-why are you helping me? I thought you were one of them, one of HYDRA," He suddenly said. Laura felt herself tensing up. She kept the glass on the table before she answered. "I never was; after I realized what they did to you James, I had to leave. I don't know why it affected me as much as it did, but I had to leave them. I had already begun planning to leave. Then S.H.I.E.L.D. fell and I had to go on the run."

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