Chapter Six.

Lois led Harper into a part of the school that she had never been in before. It looked a lot older than most parts of the school and Harper wondered if this had been the original building before the rest of the school was built. Lois was surprisingly fast for her size and Harper found that she was getting out of breath following her. She was grateful for it, the more she concentrated on walking quickly the less Harper thought about her other problems.

Lois came to a halt at the end of a long corridor that was lined with storerooms and the janitor’s office, Harper wondered what the hell Lois wanted to show her. The door that Lois stopped in front of had a blacked out window, it was made of wood that had been chipped and battered over the years. There was a small plaque in the middle of the door, it was badly rusted, but Harper could just about make the words ‘Crow Creek Detention Room’ out. She didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out that this room was no longer used for detentions. Music drifted out from the room and Harper could hear people chatting and moving about behind the door. Harper looked to Lois for some kind of explanation but Lois simply smiled in a ‘wait and see’ kind of way before opening the door.

The first thing that Harper saw was colour. The walls were painted cobalt blue with shockingly bright pink spots. The floor under Harper’s feet was splashed with random colour; there were yellow patches, green spots and some orange stripes. It looked like a small child had gone wild with seven different shades of dulux paint.

Once Harper had moved past the brightness of the room she noticed several mannequins dotted about the room. Running the length of the room was a shelf that looked similar to a wine rack but instead of wine, it was filled with rolls different coloured fabrics. It started with blacks on the right side and then went through the entire spectrum of colour to white on the left. There was a table in front of the rack covered in patches of cloth, sewing needles and cotton reels.

A boy and a girl sat at the table, they were talking animatedly as they worked at a sewing machine. Harper wasn’t surprised that they didn’t look up; the music coming from the radio in the corner of the room was so loud it would have been impossible to hear the door open. Lois left Harper side as she took it all in and walked over to the radio. She pressed a button and the song changed to an Asian pop song.

“Oh no,” The boy said as he turned around to face the radio, “We are not listening to that.”

Lois poked her tongue out at him before flicking another switch on the radio, the music stopped.  The boy smiled at her in thanks before turning back to his sewing machine, that’s when he noticed Harper standing there. Confusion flashed across his face before a large friendly grin formed across his face. He subtly nudged the girl sitting next to him; she looked up and saw Harper. The girl gave Harper a once over before looking to Lois.

“Guys, this is Harper, she’s going to join us,” Lois said happily as she skipped back to Harper and gave her a slight push forwards.

“Hi Harper,” the boy said, he moved from behind the table and offered his hand to Harper. She shook it, “I’m Freddie.”

Freddie was at least three inches shorter than Harper. He had messy blonde curls and a heap of freckles dotted on his face. His eyes were a chocolaty brown, the way that his eyes were always widened as if he was permanently in shock reminded Harper of baby deer. Everything about the boy was cute and cuddly; he couldn’t be older than sixteen.

The girl also moved around the table and offered her hand to Harper. She was only slightly shorter than Harper’s height of five foot nine, but she wasn’t as bony as Harper.  Her figure was full and curvy, she was wearing a deep purple dress that pinched in at the middle and was heavily flattering. Her short hair was mixture of brown and red, she wore a purple hair band and glasses. She introduced herself as Suzy.

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