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You yawned as you stood up and looked at your clock


So fucking early.. But I take an whole 20 minutes to shower, 5 minutes to devour my food and put my uniform on.. Then go out and walk with Zuzu..

You stretched and went to the bathroom and looked at the mirror screaming

You laughed and turned on the shower, you started stripping off your clothes and went into the hot water

You moaned in delight, quickly relaxing.
You started patting around to kind your shampoo, finally find the bottle you started pumping it to get some on your hands

You put the shampoo on the hair and massaged your scalp. Once feeling the bubbles you washed off the shampoo and out in conditioner, repeating on what you did with the shampoo but brushing your hair too

Once you finished showering you finished showering you dried your hair with a blow dryer and tied a towel around your body

You went in the kitchen getting ready yours and your little sister's (by a year) food ready


"Coming Nii-san!~"

You saw skipping in the kitchen her blond hair bouncing her piercing yellow cat like eyes.. Reminding me of my- our father

"do you need help with you hair again Hime?"

"Mhm!" She hummed while nodding, "only Nii-san can do my hair perfectly! I wanna be like Nii-san!~"

I giggled

"Silly, you are yourself, you can't be someone else, because that's not showing your perfect personality! I love you for you that's why I'm being hero for the both of us so we can live happily.."

You said finishing her hair

She nodded

"Alright Nii-san! I'll get going bye!"


I waved bye to her and I see her close the door..

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