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12 Years ago...

"Daddy, why is it raining so much?" The five year old, brown haired girl whispered anxiously, as she clung to her toy horse on the back seat of the car.

James Wilson glanced at his beautiful daughter through the rear-view mirror, then turned to give his wife in the passenger seat a 'help me' look. Christine Wilson smiled and turned around in her seat so she could see little Claire through the darkness of the thunderstorm.

"The sky is just sad my darling, and the clouds are just crying. It's nothing to be scared..." There was a pause and a loud gasp. "James? Why is that car following us?"

James looked up to see the black sedan in the rear-view mirror and stepped on the gas as soon as he recognised it.

"Christine, please get in the backseat with Claire." He asked, his voice cold and serious.

"Why, Daddy? Mommy what’s going on?" Little Claire cried, as she watched her mother climb over the passenger-seat towards her.

Ignoring his daughter's fear he looked in the mirror again. The sedan was gaining and he knew they would not make it back to the farm in time...

"James! Watch out!" Christine suddenly screamed. When he looked back at the road, it was already too late. In front of them the car's headlights lit up the familiar hairpin turn with a raging river on the other side. Normally they would make the turn at the lowest speed possible, but there was no way that James will be able to slow the car down in time, especially in this storm.

James only had enough time to release his seat-belt and throw himself into the back seat and onto his wife and screaming daughter, to protect them as the car flew over the side and into water.

When the car came to a halt, James immediately jumped back into action, trying to kick the side window out as his wife and daughter huddled behind him. After about a minute of struggling he managed to get it to pop out and water started to stream in as the car slowly got pushed around by the river's powerful current.

"Christine get out, NOW!" He ordered as he pulled her past him and to the window. She pulled herself out and on the roof of the car and then held out her arms for her daughter who James was pushing out next. When they were finally both safe on the roof of the car, James pulled himself out.

After looking around for an escape route, like low tree branches, Christine realised there was only one way for them to get back.

"James we have to swim!"

"Christine, Claire, grab onto me and then we will swim back together. The current might sweep us away if we try it alone!"

They did as they were told and together they all jumped into the furious river. James is a strong swimmer and managed to pull his girls onto the shore in record time.

As soon as they got out of the water they fell down on the precious ground laughing with relief, while little Claire curled up between them, starting to cry again.

"What's wrong baby?" Her father cooed and took her into his arms.

"I forgot Little Brownie in the car," she whispered between sobs, as she remembered her toy horse.

"Don't worry, baby girl. Big Brownie is waiting back at home for you, and she will just be too happy to see you safe and sound," he laughed and wiped her tears away.

Just then a bright light fell on them and James cursed under his breath.

"Oh, we're all happy to see you three alive." A man, that Claire just managed to make out, said loudly.

"Why did he send you this time, Murdock?" James called back, lifting Claire off him and standing up to face the light.

"Tut, tut, tut. That's no way to speak of an old friend, James. Why don't you just ask him yourself when we get there?" Then the man turned around. "What are you waiting for, grab them!"

Suddenly men were coming from all sides and two flattened James, while another grabbed Christine. As soon as they had pinned James down, one left while the other started to tie him up. Seeing his chance, James turned his head so he could look Claire in the eye and mouthed "RUN!!!"

Without anybody noticing, Claire disappeared into the bushes and started running as fast as she could. When she finally couldn't hear or see any traces of the ambush anymore, she collapsed in a clearing and her world faded to black...

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