First day 2/3

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"The late bell rings and I'm sitting in my seat the teacher begins to take attendence "Y/n Cimorelli" "here" after I say here a girl says to her friend "there's another cimorelli siser?" I ignore them and listen to my teacher. I then hear a familiar name come from the teachers mouth the "here" comes from the back of the class but a tall kid was in my way of seeing who it was the tall kid had dropped his pencil and as he bends down to grab his pencil I see a face I was hoping I would have never had to see again.

Y/n's Pov
It was Jacqueline Foster, the girl who made it impossible for me all through middle school. I quickly but my back right back up to the seat attempting to hide my self from my as so called "middle school bully". Most bully's aren't very bright but this one was on a next level of stupidity they didn't hold her back any longer because they couldn't. She has failed any year eligible to take again that's why I have class with her she's in 10th supposed to be in some other grade. Since I have advanced one year I have classes with her. As am pushed back to my seat as much as possible I notice she takes a glance at me and evilly grins. I think to myself first of all, shit (Christina would kill me if she heard me use that language) when I get out if here I'm going to bolt to my next period which is biology. We go on with class and several intimidating glances and seconds of me waiting for this damn bell to ring it rings and I storm out of my class. I guess I May have forgotten the fact that IT WAS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SCHOOL THAT I DIDN'T KNOW MY WAY AROUND. I had no idea where to go and I can see Jacqueline getting closer and closer. I kept glancing around and I saw Natalie, christians friend.

Natalie's Pov
I was in the hallway when I feel someone tap my shoulder I look down at to see it's y/n she asks "Natalie I'm kinda in a rush and lost where's 3124" she's continuously looks behind her getting more worried by the second I quickly explain to her where to go with my hand on her back I say " if you ever need anything else and you see me around just tell me I'll be more than glad to help you out" she fakely smiles not annoyed but scared almost and just like that she bolts away. I was walking with my friend when she asks "who was that" I responded "its just my friends Little sister" "ooo Chris's little sister" " shut up" . I looked away from her and I actually got really worried for y/n what was happening anyways Ill just try to make sure I tell Christian just in case.

Y/n's Pov
I finally get to class and luckily for me FRIGGIN JACQUELINE IS IN MY CLASS so no need to rush. I sit down and mentally cry. I hate this girl. She clearly hates me. This class went by pretty quickly. The bell for next period was about to ring in like .2 seconds I stand up and begin to walk when I feel a tap on my shoulder and I look over to see you already know who. The bell rings I quickly turn around and she whispers "not so fast" she turns me around with her hand strongly gripped on my shoulder she says " ill deal with you during lunch" I begin to walk and she tried to trip me luckily I caught myself and I continued walking faster this time. I made it to my last period before lunch which was study hall luckily this one I didn't have this with Jacqueline. I took this period to my advantage and relaxed with my earbuds on I took a nap. I woke up to the teacher loudly saying "lunch is in 5 minutes". During those 5 minutes I packed my things up and had my backpack on. The bell rang once more and I went to the third building bathroom planning to just skip lunch because I knew Jacqueline didn't have any classes in the third building and Chris and joey just want to hang with their friends so I figured I would just benefit all of us. But oh boy was I wrong.

P. 1 or P.2 1 hour and 30 minutes
P.3 or P.4 1 hour and 30 minutes
P.5 or P.6 1 hour and 30 minutes
50 mins of lunch
P.7 or P.8 1 hour and 30 minutes

Jacqueline's Pov
The lunch bell rang and I just wanted to use the bath real quick so I walked into the bathroom and looky who I found my girls came in after me. We walk in and I see little y/n in the bathroom I let a laugh after I see her scared face.

Y/n's Pov
Just as I thought I had my whole plan sorted out. Jacqueline walks in with these two other girls and I'm not sure if I said it out loud or not but I definitely said shit at some time. I'm pretty sure I said it out loud because she begins to walk towards me laughing and says "oh is someone aloud to curse now". My sisters/brothers don't really like it when people curse so I just don't do it unless I'm in these type of situations. She begins to say "haven't I told you already that no one cares that your still here all your siblings are literally famous and your still non existent". She continues to tell me quite some things that really do hurt me. I look down at my phone and I see a missed call from Christian. After several of what felt like hours of getting made fun of Jacqueline finally decides she's friggin hungry so she signals her friends to leave before she left she pushed me against the wall and said "don't worry this is just the beginning Freshman" she laughs and smacks my head they walk of. I cry in the bathroom for like 10 mins when I decide to call Christian back.

Christians Pov
I sit at the lunch table me and my friends are usually at i look around for y/n but she's nowhere nick walks by and I ask him if he's seen her anywhere he nods and says he will let me know if anything. I tried calling her but she didn't pick up about 20 minutes into lunch she comes by
Y/n- hey sorry I dint pick up your call I was in the bathroom
Chris- why are your eyes red and puffy
Y/n- um i i I was getting an um allergic reaction to a peanut butter sandwich this kid was eating in class I just went to go wash my face off
Chris- oh um okay I didn't know you were allergic to peanut butter anyways um aren't you hungry
Y/n- not really
Chris- well at least sit down
Y/n- Chris just because kath and Christina told you to watch for me doesn't mean you actually have to I'll just tell them you did
Chris- I'm not doing this because they told me too I'm doing this because I love you and your my little sister
Y/n- that's very nice Chris I love you too but I'm pretty sure your friends don't want to sit with a freshman I'll just sit with nick he is closer to my age anyway
Natalie- Y/n if you want to you can stay we don't mind
Other friend- yeah your not annoying unlike the other freshman
Other friend 2- yeah you pretty chill
Y/n- ok then thanks guys

Y/n's Pov

Lunch is over in like 10 minutes so I told Chris i was going to sit with joey for the remainder of the time I wave goodbye and walk over to joey he gets excited and ask me how's it going so far I Lied and told him it was going good. I hated lying to my family especially my siblings but whatever I could do to not hurt them I prefer to keep myself hurting then to hurt others because of what's happening to me. The bell rings and before i enter my last period I begin getting a call from Christian it was just to tell me to meet up by his car after school. I walk into the gym I love p.e it's like my escape. One hour and a half later the bell rang and school was over I walked over to christians car and got their pretty quickly because the gym was very near the student parking lot. I walked over to his car and sit on the sidewalk right next to his parking spot when I sat down I took my phone out. I look up and see that Jacqueline walks by but she didn't seem in the mood to bother me physically which was a relief for me but she didn't fail to emotionally bother me instead of walking over to me as she walked by she screamed out to me "retarded fingers, bummy family, crusty outfit,shitty face, get a life. Why don't you go die no one will care". I was furious when she mentioned my family but what was I going to go do, go try to beat up three 10th graders that are like 5'8 when I've barely reached 5'2 I'd rather just ignore her. Nick ended up walking towards me he was close enough to see them talking to me but not close enough to here what they were telling me. He walks over and says "what'd they ask you" his big brother instincts came in "they better not be telling you something rude, I swear I don't care " and I say "they were just asking about um a homework for mssss castillo yeah ms.castillo biology" he looked at me confused and just nodded hesidently but he nodded. We were talking about our days when we see Chris and Natalie walking up to us I whispered "does he like Natalie I mean she's nice so I don't mind anyways he needs someone " nick chuckled and whispered back "I'm pretty sure their dating". Chris walks up to his car unlocking it and saying "what are you two goofballs whispering about huh, anyways come on let's go I heard Lisa cooked" nick questioned "Lisa cooked?" as we got into the backseat Natalie into the passenger and Chris into the drivers seat. Several of minutes and songs later we pulled into the driveway  I remembered that they were all gonna ask me about my first day of high school and not only did I have to lie to two of my siblings and his future girlfriend but I'm going to have to lie to my six sisters. Were all so close now I have to lie We walk into the house to oh what a surprise all six of them were home.


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