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Picture you and your dearest friend, now imagine loosing them. Pretty hard right? Well now imagine finding them again. You feel fixed. But not fully.

This was how Ophelia felt.

She was happy her and Sirius were on good terms, but she'd be a fool to think things would go back to the way they were before.

And she knew that.

It was a cold Wednesday night in November
Ophelia was currently walking in the dungeons, towards the Slytherin common room.

She looked at the silver watch on her wrist, 9:46 - she was just returning from the library whilst reading about African Wizard Tribes, she was fascinated by the charms they used, that seemed to only appear throughout history in that continent.

She was about to turn a corner when she her a bang coming from that direction. She stopped dead in her tracks, she creeped to the wall, grabbed her wand from her skirt waistband and slowly peeped her head around the corner.

She didn't have time to react as she was throw off her feet.

"Move our the way you stupid girl!" She looked up to see Severus Snape.

She never really spoke to Severus but assumed they were at least civil acquaintances.

She looked around, seeing as she dropped everything - including her wand. Quickly grabbing it she pointed it at him.

"Who the hell do you think you are talking to me like that?" She angrily questioned.

Severus rolled his eyes at the girl still on the floor, "don't act as though you're all high and mighty - everyone knows you're just a sad excuse of a witch!"

Before Ophelia could respond to this she heard someone say, "seeing as that's the way you talk to girls, there's no surprise Lily doesn't fancy you."

Ophelia looked over to where the voice came from to see the Marauders, more specifically it was James who said this.

Snape had already held his wand up at the boys, before he had chance to say an incantation, Ophelia beat him to it.
"Expelliarmus!" Severus flew back to the wall with a bang.

Remus ran up to her, grabbed her hand, pulling her off the floor, he took her book and started running in the opposite direction, the other marauders with him.

Remus Lupin.
Remus was a odd one, Ophelia remembers in second year she had the biggest crush on him. She didn't know why, sure he was good looking but next to James and Sirius he was average. She thinks it was his sense of responsibility. It doesn't matter really what it was, it's not like a crush would just go away.

That's why she felt butterfly's whilst his hand was in hers. She didn't even realise when they'd stopped running on the second floor. The second floor? Bloody hell.

She slid down the wall, hand on her cheats, panting as Remus handed her her books.

"Better watch where you're going, ay?" Chuckled James.

Ophelia rolled her eyes and said, "I don't need your help. I can handle myself." She stood up, still somewhat out of breath.

"It didn't look like it back there." James replied smirking.

"I'm sorry," Ophelia continued, "but wasn't I, the one that stopped Severus from hexing the four of you?" James smirk dropped at this and he rolled his eyes, "what were you doing in the dungeons at this hour anyways?"

Remus scratched the back of his neck awkwardly and Sirius replied, "studying, of course."

Ophelia looked Sirius in the eyes and said, "you? Studying?" She crossed her arms, "never in the, 16 years of me knowing you have I seen you study."

Sirius laughed at this but James didn't take it so lightly.

"16 years? If you take of the 5 of you ignoring him then what is it?" Sirius and Ophelia's faces dropped at this statement.

"Of course." She said awkwardly. "I best be going, after all it is," She looked at her watch, 10:23, "oh merlin."

"What?" Peter asked awkwardly.

Sirius grabbed Ophelia's wrist to see the time.
"You can't go back to the dungeons at this time, Filch and the other prefects will be down there on their nightly patrol." He said looking at her, still holding her wrist.

"Come on," said Remus, "you can stay with us Gryffindors" he finish.

Ophelia and James started laughing until they both realise they were the only ones doing so.

"Very funny," Ophelia turned to Remus, "you don't actually expect me to go into the Lions den, do you?"

Sirius rolled his eyes, grabbed her hand and said, "Oh come on, I thought I was helping you change." Ophelia's cheeks darkened at the gesture, "this is the best way to start."

He started dragging her to their common room.

She couldn't object anymore. Sirius was right, if she went back to the Slytherin Common room she'd surely get caught by a prefect at least.

Entering the Gryffindor common room was strange, to say the least. The fat lady smiled at her which she thought peculiar, Ophelia had read old diary entry's from her ancestors, and her distant grandmother, Portia, didn't really get along too well, and that's an understatement.

In the common room itself, it was nice. The fire was lit, people were sat on the sofa in-front of it doing what Ophelia assumed was last minute homework.

Ophelia didn't notice the wandering eyes giving her dirty looks, 'what's a snake doing in here?'
The Gryffindors who watched thought with disgust.

"Lily-Flowerrr" James sang to the ginger girl. The girl turned around scowling.

"What do you want, Potter?" She said with narrow eyes, paying no mind to the others.

Remus interjected before James was able to say anything else, "we were-"

Sirius interrupted "-we were wondering if you could let our dearest friend her," he gestured to Ophelia, "stay in your dormitory for the night?" He gave her his winning smile.

"And why doesn't the Slytherin stay in her own?" Lily asked with a raised eyebrow.

It was James time to speak now, "she thought it'd be fun to head back at the beginning of curfew." Ophelia didn't want to interject because she could care less and he was partly telling the truth.

"You want me to share a room with a Mudblood?" Ophelia said quietly to Sirius.

He smiled at her, "you gotta change your mindset if you really wanna change."

He then pushed her over to Lily as she took her up to the girls dorm.

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