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This was such a touching, cute, story about miracles and love. Despite the story being short and sweet, so much went on and so many thoughts and emotions were explored. The author did extremely well with the plot and writing!

~ Bright_as_the_stars (Inkitt reviewer)

What a plot!

Is full of emotions and it has unexpected plot twists. You learn a lot from the characters and at certain point in the story this phrase will describe that moment "Sometimes holding on hurts more than letting go." Also is kind of refreshing to have a story written from the main guy point of view and not the girl, believe me the author knew what she was doing.

~ gabita123mb (Inkitt reviewer)


This story connected deep within my heart. It was simple enough yet intriguing. The whole story line was connected in a really good way. A book I enjoyed and would simply recommend to anyone. Since I'm not into romance as a genre this connected me closer to it and making me consider reading more. Thank you and good luck !

~ Swallowedbyflames (Inkitt reviewer)

I love it

This book keeps me intrigued. It definitely has a different plot from other cliché books where i can expect the expected. I look forward to this book getting published because hard work and time have been dedicated into making this book a success.

~ SinSomeMore (Inkitt reviewer)

Lovely story but needs more details

This story was very nice. I loved how IT wAS IN erIC'S POV. but I wished there were more details of the other couples sTORY mentioned in the story. I wanted to know why KARISSA did what she did. Also why Jack ever took her back. I personally would never take make someone who hurt me so much.

~ Sunflowermoon24 (Inkitt reviewer)

Favorite Book On Here

This book is my favorite book on inkitt. The end brought me to tears. When I got to the end and they were talking about her dead line, I cried almost as hard as I did when Dumbledore, Hedwig, Fred, or Snape died. One of the best books I have ever read. Definitely getting a vote from me.

~ Kyra Reed (Inkitt reviewer)

Love this story!

I absolutely love this book! Rarely will I buy a book for my personal library, but this one I am adding. Beautiful!

~ Amanda Howell Haughey (Inkitt reviewer)


I love theIs book I couldn't put it down

~ Jenfant (Inkitt reviewer)

I love this

I love this and it has been so good

~ Emily Magnan (Inkitt reviewer)

Black & blue

Amazing this story is 💯 I absolutely loved it must read

~ Jackie Bernat (Inkitt reviewer)

A heartwarming story

This book reminded me of the fault in our stars, but I liked it more. I have never felt that I should leave a review on anything, but immediately after finishing this book I knew I had to share how much I loved it. I laughed and cried, and then both at the same time when I read the ending. Would recommend this book to anyone.

~ meghansielaff (Inkitt reviewer)

Heartwarming story

A story that'll make you Cry and smile, laugh and break your heart and make you happy. Glimpse of love and a push to a life without regrets. Love love love it!

~ Natasha Pietersz (Inkitt reviewer)

Absolutely smashing

Amazing novel. Nearly had me in tears a few times.

~ Bloopy Bloop (Inkitt reviewer)

Black and Blues

The plot and theme was great. Everything was developed in a timely manner; however, there were some grammar such as words missing.

~ BP (Inkitt reviewer)

Amazing Novel

I'm not going to lie, this has been one of the most emotional books I've ever read. The plot line was well developed and the feeling of being able to bond with the characters made was lovely. The message of the book is really good too. We should all learn to forgive and forget and live life without any regrets, after all we never know when our last day will be.

~ Annette Mitchel (Inkitt reviewer)

Black and Blues

I absolutly loved this book! There were parts where I cried, where I laughed, and I just overall felt really connected to the charecters. The writing was absolutly phenomonal, and I loved the plot.

~ FUFUDARAINBOW (Inkitt reviewer)

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