41. Revelations of the heart

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Here we go...

I JUST POSTED 3 (THREE) chapters in a row make sure you are reading this one first so you don't get confused!



"No!" I screamed when a shot ran out. Grabbing onto Clark expecting him to fall I could feel the fury pulsating from him.

"What the fuck?" One of the goons slowly ground out looking at his gun, still smoking and then to Clark who he had just shot in the chest.

"I wouldn't have done that if I were you." Clark said.

"Kill him now!" Both men started shooting at him, but Clark just shielded me from the bullets, completely unfazed. Adrenaline could make you do incredible things.

"Stop!" I kept yelling until I head a thud and a groan and saw the men slump to the ground, unconscious next to their boss. "Clark! Are you alright?" My heart was thundering as I walked around him, my hands pressing against his chest as I quickly undid the first few buttons of his white collar shirt.

If someone would see us, we would appear like two lovers in a heap of passion while in reality, I was in hysterics, looking for a dozen bullet wounds in the one person that could truly make me happy.

"Fay, don't-" He said, trying to grab my hand before I pushed the shirt collar aside to reveal the s-symbol I had become so familiar with.

It was like time froze. I was in full disbelief. There were no bullet marks, no blood gushing out or Clark falling to the ground dead. There was a blue suit with a huge s in the chest. Unable to speak and forgetting to breathe my brain couldn't wrap around what I was seeing. I was stunned into silence, into going through thousands of explanations that wouldn't end up with Clark... The man I loved being... Being...

My whole world seemed to crash down and all my previous troubles paled in comparison. I hadn't known adversity before this.

I could just imagine how I must have looked, my mouth slightly open, face white like a ghost and brows scrunched together. Like a deer in headlights or a Greek statue frozen in shock.

The sounds of the world died down, as the nasty taste of betrayal grew stronger, every second that passed. And still, I couldn't take my eyes off of that symbol.

"I won't let you go." Clark mumbled suddenly, shaking me out of whatever cloud of disbelief I had drifted to. I looked up at him slowly and saw that he had a unique look in his eyes; one that scared me. Frustration, sadness, and determination: "Not ever." I could feel his hand press on the back of my head to force me to bury my face to his chest, before his hands grabbed my waist and my feet lifted off the ground.

It didn't take long... The flying part I mean. Me understanding what was happening... That took a while. When we landed on fresh grass I knew where we were. The familiar scent of lupine; my favorite flower twirled in my head, and the breeze that had the salty scent of the ocean in it caressed my hair. We were at our place. At our little hill and heaven of nature.

"Why did you bring me here?" I asked, my voice just a whisper.

"Because I want it to happen here."

"What's going to happen?" I asked, still keeping my head against Super-... Clark's chest.

"Something that I have been dreading for so many years." Clark's voice was soft, like cotton candy as he spoke, like he didn't want to disturb the peace this place had.

I was dreading looking at Clark. I knew it was silly, but I was half expecting him to be different somehow; now that I knew. Like his kind face would have turned into a monster.

But I had to get answers so slowly, I pulled away from his grasp and looked up at him, but all I could see was Clark... The man I had fallen in love with. "You don't need these... Do you?" I whispered and pulled his glasses off. My hand smoothed his hair to the style he wore it as Superman. "How could I have missed this?" I mumbled my voice almost like a silent gasp.

"I don't think you did... Somewhere, deep down you have made the connections... You just never wanted to accept it."

"Of course I haven't! You hurt me." I said, taking steps back from Clark.

"And it killed me when I did. I couldn't stand the idea of hurting you, it tore me up inside!" Clark said moving towards me to close the gap, uncaring of the resistance I put up. "You saw me after... When you returned... Back at the apartment. You saw what hurting you did to me. And in the end... You forgave me."

I did.

"But you have lied to me this whole time... About who you are; making me fall in love with you, twice! Breaking my heart by having to choose between you. When the ending was always the same..." I stared at the ground, crying from sheer frustration and hurt.

"I didn't mean for that to happen, you weren't supposed to fall in love with me as Clark. You never did before!" He lashed out.


"I tried so hard... I couldn't save you. No matter what I did. You kept dying in my arms."

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