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                      Maddie p.o.v
I was at school when Jack walked up to me. He pushed me against the locker and left. When I saw Corbyn and Jonah talkimg in the corner I knew it was a date. I pulled Jack by the belt and pulled him into the bathroom.

Maddie-Are you for real. You'll bully your girlfriend for a dare.
Jack-It was a bet and I'm not telling them to do it.
Maddie-If it happens again then were through and that's final.

After that I got a text from a unknown number so I called then anonymous.

Anonymous-I can treat you better than Jack I wouldnt bully you for a date.
Maddie-How did you know and who are you.
Anonymous-I'm following you but be careful in dangerous.

I showed Jack the text he doesn't recognize the number. Corbyn saw the text and he said the last 4 numbers were formlar.

                      Corbyn p.o.v
I knew who it was and he is dangerous. His name is Jordan and now he has a girlfriend named Tyland. He always wants to hurt one of our girlfriends he hasn't gone for Christina but he's going to Maddie and she's not that tough.

                         Jack p.o.v
Maddie said she was too scared to sleep in the living room. Were staying at my moms house and she slept in my room.

Text messages

Baby💍-I'm not ok
Jack-What, what happened??
Baby💍-A girl named Tyland is in the house and she has a knife and a boy named Jordan is with her.
Jack-Leave right now go to the park.
Baby💍-Ok bye

                      Maddie p.o.v
I was going to the park, I was going to met Jack, Brittney, and Zach. But the boy Jordan grabbed my arm and yanked me upstairs in a room. Tied me to the chair. Put take over my mouth. When he left I got the tape off of my mouth. I press record on my phone. (my hands were tied in the front.) I said

Jack, Jack help me in tied up and I took the tape off of my mouth. I'm tied to a chair and my hands are tied in the front. I think he is going to abuse me or something please hurry to your house and help me.

Jordan came back in so I put my phone in my pocket so he wouldn't see it and now I wouldn't have text Jack to come and help me.

Maddie-Can I have something to eat.
Maddie-Because in hungry.

They walked in the room next to me. Jack pulled up and I told him to be quite. When he got in here he ran to the closet.

Jordan-Hurry up

He walked out of the room and Jack untied me quickly. We got in the car and I had a deep cut in my leg.

Maddie-Who are they.
Jack-Tyland is Corbyns ex and she hurt him. Jordan is Choke Benett ex and he hurt her. It moved on to you but we helped you.
Maddie-Thank you
Jack-No problem Maddie.

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