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As I am typing this, I am currently having cold and headache so if my thoughts are scattered everywhere, my apologies.

First of all, this story is now part of the Wattpad Paid Stories program which means that this is now a paid story with free sample chapters. If you would like to learn more about PaidStories program, you can check out this link:

Instead of telling all of you how much being in the Paid Stories program means to me, I'm going to tell you things about me, in the hopes that you'll understand how honored I am to be a part of the Paid Stories Program. After all, outside looking in is actually different from being inside, in my shoes.

If you are a new reader, you might not know this. My life is not easy. I have announced a confession post on my message board about how hard it being a writer. When I started writing about ten years ago, my mom once gave me three sentences advice: "No one will read your book. Don't be an embarrassment. Stop wasting time." Those words hurt but it was coming from my mom whom I truly believe and love so I stopped writing. I merely wrote in my journal (which I refused to call diary) about things that happened in my life and things that did not actually happen. I dreamt about ENTWINED around this period of my life, I was just thirteen years old and the dream was so intense that I had to write it down. At that time, my mom had breast cancer and writing helped me cope with everything.

In early 2018 when I started writing ENAMOURED (which is this book, by the way), my baby niece had diagnosed with osteochondroma. She had no mom because her mom had run away, and she had to go through surgery. Again, writing helped me cope with what happened during that tough time.

As if it was not enough to give me a rollercoaster ride, my sister was diagnosed with a tumor in her throat in October 2018. My family was not made of money so we tried our best to make things work.

Now we're in 2019. I am still sleep deprived and eating more instant noodles than a normal human probably should.

I always love to give mental support to new writers, telling them that nothing comes in an instant and that I have to work hard to get where I am now.

When Wattpad offered me to be in the Paid Stories program which enables Wattpad readers to support their favorite authors in December 2018, I was humbled and scared. I was part of the Paid Stories Community Help and I've read tons of hurtful comments. I don't think I need those in my already hard life. I have asked a random question before out of curiosity, "what if my stories are selected to be in the Paid Stories program, would you hate me and leave mean comments like those readers I've seen in other Paid Stories books?" and all of them said, NO. Then why should I miss an opportunity just because I am scared? Like Audrey Hepburn said, "Opportunities don't often come along. So, when they do, you have to grab them."

Wattpad has been really patient and supportive of me. They told me it's alright if I don't want to join now, I could join later on. Then I remember one of my favorite quotes, "Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them."

I'm hopeful ENAMOURED will be successful in the program. There's only one way to find out, and I'm taking my chances.

And finally, the reasons why I decided to join. Surprisingly, it has anything to do with money. The first reason is that I feel really lucky that they even thought about me and offered me this. The first time they approached me I thought they were mistaking me for someone else. Like I am this noob nobody and they just offered me something that was offered to like popular, successful Wattpad writers. This is mind-blown.

The second reason is that they told me that they would make sure that my book will be promoted greatly on the platform. I still remember those days when I first posted ENTWINED and nobody read it. It sucked. So any promotion is welcome because you never know whether those people who read your book is an editor of some publishing house or even movie director. I know what you are going to say, "dream on", am I right? Well, since it's a dream, might as well dream big.

The third reason which I think is what got me finally decided to take the offer is coaching. I am a noob and I acknowledged that. I am not an English Lit major and I have so little writing experience compared to well, everyone, I guess. So if someone is willing to teach me, coach me, and help me become a better writer, I'm in. Because nothing will make me happier than being able to provide better content for my angels aka loyal readers.

The fourth reason (which also made me take up the offer) is to avoid plagiarism. I know my story is original, I can assure you that and although Wattpad has protected my story from being copied (you cannot copy any words from Wattpad be it from app or browser), people can still steal my story by retyping each and every word.

For those who read ENTWINED and get pissed because ENAMOURED is no longer free, I am really sorry. But on the bright side, ENGRAVED aka the third book is currently free. I am giving a slow update due to my exams coming up but yes, you don't need to pay to read it.

If you know me, you know that the support from my angels (aka my readers, I call them angels because I wouldn't be here without them) is what keeps me going so if you decided to support me on this, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, may God always bless you and your kind heart. But if you don't, I respect your decision and I thank you for even opening this book and taking some of your precious time to read this very long introduction.

Loads of pizza,
Agi x

P.s. the first six chapters of this book will be free (sample), the paywall will start from Chapter 7.

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