Chapter 14

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Argent POV

We put the call out an hour ago and now, standing in the foyer of the pack house are 30 wolves from two neighbouring packs along with the 20 from our pack we have asked to assist us. We must leave the remainder behind to be ready for our return and protect the house in our absence.

It's that simple. Our people need us. We call for help.
And they answer. We would do the same.
My father has worked hard over the last few years to establish a good working relationship with these packs. It's not common for packs to work together but after the vampire attacks increased over the last few years, the leaders of the three strongest packs in our state came to an agreement.

We help each other in times of need.

The Lunar pack are based 30 mins away and departed their home base as soon as we called and explained the situation . Their Alpha, Deacon, is my age and has recently taken over from his father who is ill and stepped down from his role.

He is young, but he is strong and smart. They are our greatest allies in times such as these. His father is a great Alpha and my father believes Deacon will be equally as great at leading his people.

He has another reason to be here too. His sister is in BetaStone. She lost her mate in an accident and has not been well since. They have not heard from her in two days.

The Strand pack live close to our border. The Alpha, George and his Beta Kane have joined us along with a few of their eldest members. Including Kane's daughter, Jemma. We have all seen her before. She is gorgeous. And headstrong. She is a favourite among the young guys of our pack. I used to fantasise about her being my mate. As well as being completely hot, she is one hell of a fighter.

Now I have seen Aida, Jemma is a side note. But I know a few fighters who will be going the extra mile tonight to catch her attention.

We need all the help we can get tonight. Three packs are a blessing.

We all gather in the foyer. My father and the two allied Alphas stand on the stairs to brief us.

"Tonight we take back our children. This has gone far enough. We need to be in and out with as little human interaction as possible. I will personally handle Dr Jasper. He is not to be touched."

He looks at James as he says this. James nods in agreement. He knows what has to happen.

We all nod. Father steps aside and Alpha Deacon continues. Each bellowing down to us with authority laced in their tone. The Alpha tone.

" We happen to know that there is an area hidden beneath the grounds on the institution. We had the area scanned a month ago when we were tracking Vampire activity."

The Lunar pack is known for expertise in Vampire hunting. They have been tracking Lukah, the local leader, for years. They watch his actions but stay at a safe distance. They only get involved when necessary.

Tonight is necessary.

Deacon continues.

"We do not know if Lukah is involved in this but we do know that he has been present at the lab within the month. We cannot rule out his presence tonight. So we need to be prepared."

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