Get Me Out Of This Place Before I Cause More Damage

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Chapter Two
Title from Running From Lions by All Time Low
(Basically this is just the tour of the hospital and the rules)

I anxiously walk through the hallway, Dr.Stump leads me to an elevator, I notice that he presses the second to last button.
It's pretty high up.

When we arrive on the floor I cringe at the sound of sobbing, no one is in sight though. The hall was mainly empty with a few nurses swarming around a counter that sat in the middle of the hall. Behind the counter was about three computers and loads of papers, an older looking nurse with jet black hair gave me a warm smile and Dr.Stump turned to introduce me.

"This is Alex Gaskarth, I emailed you his file..did you find a roommate for him?" Dr.Stump spoke formally, she ran her fingers through her hair.

"yes, I received the email, but I couldn't decide: would he be better with Mr.Dawson or Mr.Barakat?" She asked as she clicked something on her computer. Dr.Stump decided for a second, he eyed me but came to a realization

"Rians about to get out so I don't see the point in placing Alex with him, I wanted Jack with a roommate anyway" the nurse nodded and turned her attention towards a guy walking down the hall. The guy had more orange hair and a white coat that made him obvious to be a doctor, he smiled at me as he approached

"hello Alex! I'm Dr.Mullins, I'll be your psychiatrist during your stay at Valley Springs" he spoke to me as if I were a child, making me already begin to dislike him. I gave him my signature fake smile and took his hand in mine as he reached it out to me, shaking the hands with a firm grip.
"Thank you Dr.Stump, you may return to your duties" he dismissed Dr.Stump and I actually began to miss the guy, he could just light up the mood without treating me like a five year old.

"We've decided to place him in room 182 with Jack Barakat" the nurse spoke sweetly to him, he nodded in approval and smiled at me again "I'll give you the tour then we can get you settled, Mrs.Jett would you take his bag and return it to room 182 after you check it?" I forgot I was even carrying a bag but I quickly handed it over to her with a mumbled "sorry"

Dr.Mullins nodded for me to follow him and I suddenly felt like throwing up as the reality set in. The person was still crying, most rooms were left open but A few were fully closed, the first room he lead me into was empty.
There were three tables with two chairs at each table, there must've been at least five couches, one was pressed against the wall with three cushions on it, one was to the right, the back of the right couch was right behind the tables. There was a couch opposite of the right one: the left couch had three cushions as well. There were three couches lined up behind each other in between the right and left couches, each of those couches were smaller and only had two cushions. Against the same wall as the first couch was a small TV hanging on the wall so I guessed if you wanted to sit on a couch but not watch the TV you could sit on the couch against the wall. Each couch had a light turquoise color that I've grown to dislike, literally every chair or scrub in this hospital is that color and I don't particularly like it anymore. There were two large windows in the room and I eyed them.
We're pretty far up.

Dr.Mullins cleared his throat "this is the day room, when you aren't in group or the cafeteria this and your room will be the only room available to be in..this one is only open from seven in the morning to eleven at night, the windows are unbreakable so don't try, when you're with other patients we have a strict no touching rule. If you touch someone you lose points and If you mutually touch you both lose points, if the same two people make contact more than once we will put a five foot rule on you where you have to be five feet apart at all times" he said in a formal way. I tried to remember every rule and we were just getting started.

"I'm sorry, points?" I asked curiously, he gave me the 'ah ha' look before speaking

"we grade everyone everyday on how they did, when you get points taken off your grade lowers, we base the grades on how soon you're allowed out. I'll elaborate on what you lose points on as we come across it" he answered. A grade on how we act? We aren't even in school and I'll still be making bad grades.
He lead me out of that room and into the room right beside it, this room looked like a doctors office, there were scales and various items. There was a chair in the corner which was of course that turquoise color "this is the room we check vitals in, every Friday we pull people out during their free time, we weigh them, measure them and see if everything is physically okay..also if you get hurt this is the room you will come to, we hope no one gets hurt" he eyed me and I looked down at my shoes.

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