♡You Were Right♡

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You walked into the kitchen, breaking into a small smile when you saw your husband, Michael, seated at the table. He took a sip of orange juice from his glass before setting it down, grinning at you.

"Good morning," you laughed, making your way over to him and kissing his cheek. "This is the first time you're up before me," you teased.

Michael chuckled, rolling his eyes playfully.

"Hardy har har," he shook his head. "So funny,"

You continued to laugh as you made your way over to the refrigerator. Opening it, you took out a jug of water. Once you had done so, you closed the door before walking over to the cupboard, opening it to fetch a glass.

"By the way," you began, turning around to join your husband at the table. "Brian's coming over today," you smiled, referring to your childhood best friend.

Upon hearing this, Michael sighed - his expression turning serious. He never liked Brian, mainly because he reckoned that Brian liked you - romantically. Of course, you thought otherwise.

"Relax," you raised an eyebrow. "Brian is my childhood best friend. He knows I'm married to you, and that I love you,"

"Does he know that I don't like him?" Michael mumbled.

"I think he has an idea," you laughed. "Baby, just relax. It'll be fine,"

"Okay," Michael shrugged whilst standing up. "But I still don't like the guy. I have to go to the studio now," his expression fell slightly. "But I'll try to be home by lunch,"

You nodded as Michael walked over to you, giving you a chaste kiss.

"Take care," he whispered. "I love you,"

"I will, as long as you promise to do the same," you grinned. "I love you more,"

"I promise," he winked. "I love you most,"


Several hours later, you and Brian were seated in the living room - catching up on all the lost time. The two of you had conversed about just how much the both of you had changed - it was wonderful.

"But I still can't believe how grown you are now," Brian laughed. "It seems as if yesterday, we were kids," he shook his head.

"Exactly!" you exclaimed. "Time flies so fast!"

"Ah," he glanced at his wrist watch. "Is Michael going to be home soon?"

"Well, he did say that he'd try to be home by lunch," you shrugged. "And it's an hour after twelve. He might be home soon,"

"Then I guess I should leave," Brian grimaced. "I know how much your husband doesn't like me,"

"It's not that he doesn't like you," you sighed. "He's just...really protective. He loves me, and I couldn't be more grateful," you found yourself blushing.

Brian nodded, his expression falling slightly. When you saw this, you frowned.

"Are you okay?" you inquired.

Brian stood up, shaking his head slightly. You stood up as well, resting your hand on the man's shoulder.

"I just..." he trailed off, turning around to face you. "There's something that I want to say, but I can't,"

"Why not?" you frowned further. "We're best friends, we've been best friends ever since we were kids - if there's something you need to say, I'd imagine that you would,"

Brian stood there, staring at you. He studied your features for a long moment before sighing.

"(Y/N), I...I love you," he looked into your eyes intently. "I always have,"

"Brian..." you trailed off, utterly shocked. "You know that I'm married," you shook your head. "I love Michael,"

Brian shrugged, a sigh escaping his lips.

"I know," he responded. "I just....I can't help how I feel about you,"

You stayed silent, not knowing what to say. A silent moment passed before Brian cleared his throat.

"But I hope this won't change what we have. I really do appreciate you, (Y/N),"

You opened your mouth to say something, but you heard the front doors opening. Michael walked in, and he had a smile on his face. However, when he noticed Brian - his smile turned into a scowl.

"Good afternoon," he nodded at Brian, his eyes cold. "I hope I'm not interrupting,"

"I'll see you around," Brian gave you a small smile before walking out. Once the doors had shut behind him, you brought your eyes to look at your husband. "Ouch," he laughed a little. "He seemed to be just as disappointed as I was," he remarked, walking over to you and kissing your forehead.

"Yeah..." you trailed off. "Well, you won't be disappointed to find out that you may have been right about Brian,"

"What do you mean?" he frowned.

"Brian just confessed that he loved me," you sighed.

"What the hell?" Michael's eyes widened. "Did he try anything funny?"

You broke into a laugh, shaking your head.

"No," you placed your hands on your husband's shoulders. "He just told me how he felt. He's still a good man, Michael," you shrugged. "He just....let his emotions get in the way of our friendship,"

"Are you going to see him again?" Michael raised an eyebrow.

"Maybe, but not anytime soon," you responded. "I think him and I need some time apart,"

"Fair enough," Michael chuckled before leaning in to kiss you. "I love you so much," he whispered. "You're smart and beautiful. I can't express enough how much I love you," he winked.

"Oh, Michael, I'll always love you more," you giggled.

"And I will always love you most,"

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