Chapter 24.

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"Dash! Dash! Look what ah've got!" Applejack came running in our room with a letter in her hand. She was shaking the letter. She jumped into my arm. " Woah. Hold on. What's that?" I asked. " Apple Family Reunion!!!! Wooohooo! " she said. Now i know why she's so excited. " We haven't had one in years. The last one was when-" i cut her off. " You were 10. I remember , was there too." I smiled and so did she! She shot up and held my hand . " Zapp Apple ! Apple Cloud! Come here ! Ah have great news!!" She shouted while dragging me down stairs. The kids were already in the living room. " Hold yer horses. What's going on?" Asked Zapp. ( Oh ! The Kids are 15 years old! ) " Ya remember the Apple family reunions ah told ya'll about?"  said Aj. They nodded . " We're having another one! Ah tought we wouldn't have any ! " i chuckled.

~Time skip to the reunion ~

We were walking to the barn when i got an idea. " Hey Aj! I bet i can beat you at a race to the barn door." " Ya are on!" We started running. You could hear Zapp and Cloud cheering for us in the background. I looked back at Aj and saw she wasn't there. I turned back. Not there either . I looked back at the front. She was by the farm door smiling at me.  I reached the farm door. " How?" Was the only thing i was able to say. " Dash ya know ah lived here. Ah know all the short cuts" she smiled again. I can't believe i lost to my own wife. I quickly grabbed her hat and put it on my head. " Hey! Give me that!" She said while i ran around not looking where i was going. Slam! I'm on the ground. Apparently i slammed on a tree. Applejack was by my side a short while later. " Are ya ok?" I nodded. She grobbed her hat and then helped me up. We decided this was enough chasing. Applejack was looking around greeting her family when her eyes widened. " Grand pear? " she started running towards the old man. I fallowed her. " Applejack ! How great to see you! You've grown so much! The last time i saw you you were just 5 years old." Zapp and Cloud came next to her. " Mom? Who's him?" Asked Could. " Oh yeah! Kids this is my grandpa Grandpear. Grandpear these are my kids Zapp apple and applecloud. " " Oh how great! These are lovely kids. Will i be able to meet the  father ?" He asked. " Umm... that would be me.... i think...." i said nervously. He looked at me then back at Aj waiting for her to explain. " Grandpear, this is my wife Rainbow Dash."

He looked at me for a whole minute. Then smiled. While hugging Aj and i at the samw time. " What a great family you have. Good jop grand daughter! " we laughed . I was so scared he would be mad at us for... being US.
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