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That next day, the rain suddenly poured down hard.

My favorite weather.

A few weeks had already passed since I took in Mayu in my apartment. It's not so bad having company especially when I was so used to being alone. Going to school? Doubt it. She does not have any things with her so we went shopping last weekend.

I had nothing to spend my money on anyway. It was just for a change.

My neighbors have been weirdly looking at me, confused why there was suddenly a girl living with me. It was obviously looks of judgement based from her age. She was indeed young. Maybe they're thinking I'm a pedophile.

"Namjoon, are you done cooking yet?" The little wimp peeked above my shoulder on her tippy toes. Due to her mixed race, I guessed she was only 5'2. It was kind of cute, being a petite.

Mayu was adorable. But she was a headache at times like this. A thought would pop in my head that what if I haven't taken her in? Would things still have changed for me?

"Just go set the table or something." I told her shortly, before taking some of the bulgogi.

It was making me uncomfortable, under the same roof with a young girl I barely know but my soul was taken by her. It's not that I pitied her that she had no one.

I was sad because she was like me who everyone despises.

Mayu was exactly like me.


Sorry for the inconsistent updates! This story might seem like it has no direction but it will all soon connect! Please don't get tired of this book just yet! I'm just really busy with college and all that shit. 😭😭 Thanks for being patient!

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