♡The Proposal♡

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"You love him!" Luisa teased, making you giggle.

At present moment, you were seated on the large sofa of your best friend's house - talking about the man you adored, your boyfriend - Michael Jackson. In an hour, you were to meet him at the stadium, where he was to perform for the evening. Since you had sixty minutes to kill until you met him, you decided to pay your good friend a visit.

As far as you were concerned, Luisa supported your relationship with Michael - and she often teased the two of you, questioning when the two of you would get married.

"Yes, I love him," you giggled.

"When will the two of you get married?" she squealed a little. "You've been dating for four years!"

"I know, but...I don't think he's ready for marriage right now," you shrugged. "Especially since he's on tour right now,"

"Ugh," she rolled her eyes playfully. "The two of you are so ready to he married!" she laughed. "I can see it!"

You shook your head, joining your best friend in laughter. A moment passed before Luisa stood up.

"Let me go get you something to drink," she offered. "What would you like?"

"Uh," you stood up as well, glancing at your elegant wrist watch. "I think I'd better make my way down to the stadium now, there's bound to be heavy traffic,"

"Oh," your best friend nodded before walking up to you and hugging you. "Take care," she rubbed your back.

"I will," you smiled whilst pulling away. "As long as you promise to do the same!" you giggled.

"Girl, I will!" she waved you off. "Be safe, and don't die!"


After leaving Luisa's house, you had caught a cab down to the stadium. Sure enough, what should have been a fifteen minute drive - turned out to be a thirty minute drive, due to traffic.

However, you got to the stadium in one piece - and for that, you were thankful.

You walked through the back entrance, where you were greeted by Frank, Michael's manager.

"(Y/N)!" he exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you for a warm hug. You giggled and hugged him back before he pulled away to look at you. "Where's your lanyard?" he asked. "You know that you have to keep your backstage pass on you at all times," he raised an eyebrow.

You rolled your eyes playfully before digging into your bag for your pass, that was attached to a pink lanyard.

"I'm sorry," you laughed whilst putting it on. "Where's Michael?"

"He's in his dressing room, waiting for you," Frank answered. "Go and see him. He really wants you to be here for the show tonight,"

"Got it," you kissed Frank's cheek before walking into the building. "See ya!"

You heard Frank chuckle as you walked away, further into the building. After making your way through twisting corridors, you finally found yourself outside of Michael's dressing room. The door was shut, making you smile a little as you knocked gently.

You heard Michael shuffling inside before the door opened. He had a tired look on his face, but when he saw you - his eyes sparkled.

"(Y/N)!" he pulled you in for a loving hug, making you giggle. "I thought you weren't going to show up," he pouted slightly.

You giggled and gave him a chaste kiss before resting your hands on his shoulders.

"I will always be here for you," you grinned. Michael pulled you into the dressing room before shutting the door.

"Thank you," he studied your features intently. "I...I...there's something that I want to ask you," he bit his lip. "But the show's about to start," he sighed.

"It's fine. You can ask me after the show," you kissed his cheek. "Now go out there and give an amazing show," you smiled. "Just like you always do,"


Throughout Michael's performance on stage, you had a proud smile on your face. You stood backstage, along with Frank and several other members of the tour team. The show was amazing, and you were enjoying it.

Michael seemed to be having so much fun on stage, and that fact made you smile like an idiot. You loved seeing him happy.

Currently, Michael was standing on stage - attempting to catch his breath as the audience screamed relentlessly.

"I love you!" he spoke into the microphone, making the crowd scream even louder. He had a profound effect on people, and it never ceased to amaze you. "Now, there's...something that I've always wanted to ask someone," he broke into a wide grin, turning his head to look at you. "(Y/N), come out here," he held his hand out to you. You widened your eyes, shaking your head.

He laughed, still holding his hand out. "Come on!"

"Go on," Frank pushed you out onto the stage, a wide grin on his face.

You walked out, and the audience cheered loudly. Your hands were shaking as you made your way up to Michael. Once you reached him, he turned to face you - studying your features intently.

"(Y/N)," he held the micrphone in his right hand. You frowned a little before he got down on one knee, making you gasp. "I've loved you from the very first day I met you. You've taught me so many things, and I cannot express how much I love you," your eyes began to tear up. "And I wanted to know, if you do me the honor of becoming my wife,"

You brought your hands up to cover your mouth. The audience was screaming for you to say yes, and you were overwhelmed with emotion.

Michael continued to stare at you with loving eyes before you nodded.


"Yes?" he laughed, shoving his left hand into his pocket, fishing out a beautiful diamond ring. He took your left hand, and slipped the ring onto your fourth finger. The huge diamond glistened in the light as the tears ran down your cheeks. "She said yes!" he exclaimed into the microphone, standing up and pulling you close. "I love you so much," he whispered into your ear. "I love you so so much,"


Once the show had ended, you and Michael were smiling from ear to ear as the tour team members all congratulated you. The two of you held hands, walking along the corridors.

Eventually, the two of you arrived at his dressing room. You both entered quickly before Michael shut the door - turning to face you.

"I love you!" you squealed, throwing your arms around him. "I love you so much!"

Michael chuckled, wrapping his arms around your waist. He rubbed your back as you pulled away.

"I can't believe you're going to be my wife," his eyes scanned your features lovingly. "Mrs. Jackson," he winked. "It sounds perfect,"

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