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( chapter twenty four: the hub )


joyce looks at eleven with a worried look, "do you think if we got you back there that you could close it?"

everyone around the two were impatiently waiting for eleven's response, hoping it would be a yes. blood had been coming out from eleven's nose but people barely noticed it when her and joyce were talking.

"yes," eleven states with a shaky breath, "it's not going to be easy."


macy sat alone. alone in will's room, knees huddled close to her chest, resting her head. she was next to will's body on his bed, the windows open because will repeatedly stated that "he liked it cold," or whatever that means. over the couple of months macy knew will, she never questioned why people called him 'zombie boy' at school. she never wanted to pressure will about telling her what happened the year before, which was something will and the rest of the friend group would never forget.

of course, she had always wanted to ask him about it, but it was too risky. she didn't want to lose the close bond she had with will. she wanted him to tell her his problems when he was ready. being with will made her happy and all she wanted was for him to be happy. to stop worrying about what other people called him, and not to take those things personally.

before all of the current events happening, she knew she was falling for will byers. they're so young, but she knew she was starting to catch feelings for the boy. she didn't want to admit it, because she hated the feeling of rejection. out of the group of friends, she got along the most with will. they had the same interests, same music taste, etc.

"mace?" mike says, leaning against the wall while holding will's door open, "how are you holding up?"

macy shrugs, sighing as she stretched her legs out in front of her on will's bed, "i'm better now. still worried about him right, but I'll be fine. you?"

"relief is all i can think of," mike responded with his arms crossed, "knowing that eleven is alive is all that matters."

"congrats, do you want a cookie for that?" macy sarcastically remarks, taking mike's reply the wrong way, "what about will, mike, does he not matter right now?

"mace that's not what I mea-"

"you said it, wheeler. go be with eleven, that's all that matters to you anyways. tha she's here and that will is suffering even more right now in front of us. he's probably scared out of his mind and doesn't know what to do," macy scolded, offended my mike's words. macy walked out of will's room to be with the others. the last person she wanted to be with at that moment was Mike.

mike decided that he'd let her cool off for a bit, sitting down on the edge of will's bed with a glum look in his eyes. he stared at will's pale body that had sweat dripping down from time to time.

"i'm sorry, will," mike says to his unconscious body, "you know i didn't mean it like tha-"

mike was interrupted by joyce and the others entering will's room. mike stood up quickly, patting his clothes down and fixing it.

"he likes it cold," joyce looks at the window.

"what?" hopper questions.

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