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                           Jack p.o.v
Sydnie never liked Maddie and me and Sydnie were talking.

Sydnie-Bully Maddie or else
Jack-Ok ok and if I don't
Sydnie-Your dead

I went to Mddie and I had to bully her.

Maddie-Hey Jack
Jack-Shut up
Jack-I never liked you ok.

I pushed her against the wall and I was about to punch ber but Isla walked in.

Isla-Jack why are you hurting Maddie
Jack-Isla I can't say why ok now leave
Jack-Sydnie threatened me to or else she'd kill me.
Jack-What no Isla stop
Kristin-Yes Isla
Isla-Sydnie threatened Jack to bully Maddie or Sydnie would kill Jack
Kristin-Jack why
Jack-It wasn't a choice I'm not going to die
Isla-So you hurt your girl friend
Maddie-He is not my boyfriend and will never be.

She walked out of the room I feel stupid.

                      Maddie p.o.v
I don't know why Sydnie would do that. I get what Jack said and I would do the same.

Text messages

Jack😏-Madison I'm so so so sorry I was selfish I'd rather die that to hurt you but good thing I didn't push you hard. Please answer me and I'm sorry I hurt you.

Maddie-Jack listen I would love to be your girlfriend I don't know why I said that.

Jack😏-So you are my girlfriend 😏


Love💍-Great your name in my phone is now baby💍

Maddie-Yours is love💍

Love💍-great come home😣

Maddie-Ok 👌👌👌👌

Love💍-Ok bye


                        Jack p.o.v
I was with the boys when I was texting Maddie and Corbyn was confused on who baby💍 was.

Corbyn-Who is baby
Zach-Is it Maddie

Maddie got here and we were all hanging out.

Maddie-Shut up
Maddie-What is Brittney name in your phone
Maddie-Ok then

Me and Maddie went to bed and soon fell asleep.


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