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France and China:
• Braid each other's hair for sure
• bicker but it's all for fun
• talk about Russia a lot
• enjoy all kinds of foods together, having conversations about the techniques used along with its culture

France and Poland:
• Take lots of selfies together
• Go shopping together:
"OMG, come look at these! I literally can't even!"
"I think... I think I just fell in love with these boots..."
"This sweater with this skirt? Ultimate fabulousness!"
• Go "sight-seeing" together (*cough* ogle at men *cough*)
• So much slang and gayness
• Hairflips
• Compliment each other's hair and outfit every day
•Watch chick flicks and crappy soap operas together

England and Hungary:
• Gay & Lesbian solidarity, am I right? (Includes bi ig)
• platonic hand holding
• Liz won't hesitate to lecture that boy
• her lectures are hours long
• Arthur just tries to be a good boy
• big dick energy
• so much top energy
• talk about bottoms a lot
• love to hang out with their bottoms on their lap

America and Lithuania:
• Worship coffee
• talk about boys together (Lithuania always get flustered)
• go to the movies together or to amusement parks
• Al always clings to Toris on rollercoasters. He's a big weenie

Canada and Cuba:
• Have probably fucked at least once
• They were both drunk
• neither regret it though
• they worship ice cream together
• teach each other their native language
• Cuba thinks Mattie's slight gringo accent is adorable
• Cuba's French is laughable but Mattie tries his best to be nice

Russia and France:
• Cute baby boys who deserve lotsa cuddles
• Francis is adamant abt taking this man shopping bc "no, Ivan, tired old man is not a legitimate fashion style pls get rid of that coat it's been twenty years"
• Francis enjoys attempting to do Ivan's hair. ivan does not object to being fussed over
• only talk about ballet, philosophy, and art

Romano and Canada:
• And thus our innocent baby boy was taught several ways to cuss
• platonic cuddles
• Roma gives Matt makeovers bc "you dress like a drug addict who owns a single outfit"
• Mattie doesn't mind. He actually likes modeling for his friend

Germany and France:
• ludwig supports!!! francis wearing whatever he wants!!!
• sometimes they'll sit together n do paperwork but it's so much better w francis there bc he'll touch his arm to ludwig's while they work n it's just nice to know there's someone beside him
• francis still teases ludwig whenever he can bc he think it's adorable when he gets all red in the face (esp during meetings ludwig has come to accept his fate)

Netherlands and Canada:
• weed buddies
• platonic kisses
• have definitely fucked while high
• don't remember much of it
• Ned is super possessive of Mattie when high
• Mattie is oblivious

Prussia, France, and Spain:
• Call each other by horrendous names:
"Yo, Frank!"
"Call me that again and I will gut you!"

"Mi amigo, Francisco!"

"Don't test me, Antonieta."

• watch cartoons together
• love to go on group dates with their boyfriends
• platonic cuddles (+ kisses when single)
• host global slumber parties!!
• prank other countries and even each other (Francis films all of them)
• give each other massages

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