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This story is copyrighted. It says so on Wattpad, and I officially got it copyrighted. So don't steal it. The very first inspiration for this story came from a prompt on Pinterest. It is in no way based on the movie In Time--I've never seen it.

Part 1~~Libra

I'm going to die tomorrow.

I know most people cry at birth. Me? I was an odd child, and I know some people might have even called me Satan's child. When I was born, I didn't cry. I don't know how I knew I was already doomed, but I did. A few minutes later I did cry after I was Marked.

      Marked with the date I am to die.

      My apartment hallway, with its gray walls and peeling paint, is empty at this time of day. I fumble with my keys while I try to insert them into my lock, my thoughts screwing up everything I attempt. I manage the lock and door and slam it back into place. There's no one around to hear. I'm alone. Alone today—my last day.

      I grimace at the place where I've lived for the past year but not the place I call home. The windows miss chunks of glass. Unknown stains dot the pink fraying carpet. I drop my bag and lean my back against the door and close my eyes, shutting it all out. This is how nineteen years is supposed to end. Alone. In this room? Someplace I love? Sliding down, I bite my lip to keep back the tears. I don't want to waste time crying. I don't have the time to waste. I run my hand over the Mark that's tattooed on my skin between my left elbow and hand. 08-10-14. My death, printed out so clearly, for everyone to see.

      No one escapes their destiny. My mom met hers the day I was born, and my dad his by killing himself the day after.

      The Society with their Preeminence leading them is who's responsible. I bet they'd be delighted to know they've ran my whole life.


      I pull myself to my feet. Life hasn't left my body yet, and if the Society says I'm going down tomorrow, I'm not going out without a bang. I'm making this day memorable, and damnit, I'm going to smile at least once.

      I open my door and stare down at the threshold. Once I cross that line, I'm probably never crossing it again. After all what point is there in coming back here? I don't know where Death will lead me, but I'm ready—set for the race. My time is ticking, and decisions have to be made now.

      So holding my head high, I step across this barrier, and a sense of freedom begins to spread through me. Death may be chasing after me, but this girl will give him a run for his money.

      I head for the elevator, only two doors down from me. Threading my hands through the cold, iron triangles, I lift the elevator door and step inside. The elevator moves slowly, my time seeping away with every second.

      The box stops on the floor below mine, and a man enters. He glances at my arm and looks away. Pitying a stranger on their Expiration Date or the eve of it is not proper. I envy his gray hair, something I'll never have. . . I hear people outside of the United Society of America, dislike having gray strands in their hair. I don't understand that. The man is silent, but what could he say when he knows I'm going to die tomorrow? Sorry? I've heard it for nineteen years.

      The ground shakes as the box sets in place on the bottom floor. He steps aside, allowing me to exit before him. I want to imagine he thinks he's giving me more time to live my life and that it's not out of everyday manners.

      I walk past my landlord at his desk.

      He gives me a grim smile. "Iris."

      I muster a smile back. There, I did it. I smiled. "Bye, Lane, and have a nice life."

      "You too."

      Outside greets me with the prickling sensation of rain against my arms and neck.

      Oh, Death, don't think this will break me.

      I still have some unfinished business.

      A real genuine laugh escapes me. I never believed this would happen, that I'm finally willing to accomplish what I was trained to do for so many years. I don't know how, but I'll make it interesting.

I'm going to make the Society pay for my life.

A few chapters of Expiration Date have been translated into Persian by RGSkyRusher, Chinese by tzehleng, and Italian by sprousetwinss. You can find the translations on my profile.

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