Dear someone...

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Dear someone,

Do you remember those nights we stayed up together? The times we skipped to be with eachother? the risks we took? the love i gave? i know you do and i hope you don't forget it cause i know i won't. After all this time i really do still love you, although i doubt that that would matter since you seem to have found someone else to love already. I spent all summer thinking of you, wishing i could just talk to you and hug you once again.

The times i spent with you were my favorite out of all. You gave me a reason to keep going and believe that there has to be something in this world that's worth the wait. You are worth the wait.

I realize that it might have been me that made us split apart and me who might have been the one that was jerk. if you'd give me another chance i would take it because nothing in this world will ever replace the love that you gave me and the happiness i felt with you. I really hope this letter never reaches you because you would know that it's really meant for you.

It's sad really that...if we were still together it would have been a year of us, which is silly considering most of the time we talked through our phones living miles apart.

So i guess i used to call you my were the best damn thing that ever happened to me... when i said i would wait for you really meant it...even now i'm still waiting for you to come back and hold me in your arms. You used to be my boyfriend but now i guess you're just my crush. If i could only get the courage to talk to you again and start over. To be given the chance for us to start over. so if by any chance you see this i'll say these words now.

Hi. My name is Shainah. It's nice to meet you. What's your name?

A (what i'm hoping will be and okay with for now) friend

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