he confesses (no jay)

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I went up to her door and knocked my heart thumping 100 miles per hour and my hands sweating like crazy the door opened and there stood y/n I'm a black tang top with red shorts. I blushed and smiled "hey y/n.." She smiled back " hey how's it going? " I nodded "good....I can to ask you something.." " go for it! " I let out a long sigh and looked her in the eyes... "Y/n will you go out with me? ...please.." I looked down then I felt her jump on me startling me to the ground kissing my lips " hell ya" it was a lustful hour
Running to her house I see her In her living room dancing to a song with her dog. I smile and knock on the door. It was a minute till she opened it but when she did.I laughed her hair was a mess. "Hey nick.." She mumbled " hey beautiful " she blushed "wanna go out with this hot stuff?" She giggled " yes. " 'by the way....hair? " "dog jumped on me.."
Knock knock. I open the door to see y/n.. "Hey y/n?" " hey andrew..I was thinking...wanna go out of something? " I froze 'she like you!!say yes and then fuck her face!!!' Said Maurice. I rolled my eyes and smiled at her "yes y/n come in. As she came in she kissed my lips softly....Danm it murice!! Stop giving me boners!

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