Chapter 18

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"I can't be played with like a toy Kid, not again."

"I know, and you won't be."

I went upstairs, not wanting to keep talking. I laid down and just cried, the last time I cried like this was after my mom's funeral. Kid stayed downstairs thinking I just needed space. Later that night I had fallen asleep crying. Kid came up to the room, running his hand through his hair. He sat beside me and ran his fingers along my cheek. He gently came down planting a soft kiss on my forehead. I slowly opened my eyes, seeing him.

"I want to take you somewhere."


"You'll find out."

I got up and followed him outside. He lifted me onto his back and ran, he ran for a long while before we finally stopped. We were on a mountain, the sun starting to rise, it was beautiful....


He set me down turning to look at me, holding my hands in his.

"Ever since you freed me from confinement, I have felt things that I thought were impossible for me to feel. You have changed me, and I like it. I like you, I like spending time with you and I like being around you. You may not think it but you are absolutely gorgeous, your beautiful and you drive me crazy with it. I can just look at you and want to tear your clothes off, and that's not just because I like how tight you are, that's just a bonus. Your lips, are perfect, your eyes are the most amazing thing I've ever seen, your body, your personality, just you, you drive me insane. I don't know why I haven't said it before, but I'm saying it now. (Y,n) (M,n) (L,n), I love you."

I smiled, tears streaming down my face.

"Oh Kid, I love you too."

Our lips touched softly as the sun rose into the sky. We stayed there just like that for a while, before finally going home. We fell asleep waiting for the day to truly start. Today was Kids first day at work. So we woke up together Kid got ready, and I made us breakfast. Then he pulled me into him, kissing me feircely and passionately. We said our goodbyes and I got ready for school, leaving for the prison humanity calls education.

Later that day after school I was walking to meet Kid at his new job. I was stopped by a gorgeous woman with blue eyes, blonde hair, and an amazing body.

"So your the new slut huh?" She said.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh I'm sorry let me introduce myself, my name is Claira Micheals..... And you stole my man....."

I automatically transformed, knowing this wasn't going to end well.

"Oh so you are a demon, I thought it wasn't possible, but you are."

"Back off, Kid doesn't love you."

"And you think he loves you? Listen sweetie, I know what it's like. You get a feel for his monstrous cock, and then your addicted. You think he loves you when really he's just using you. He did it to me, and he'll do it to you to."

"Your wrong!"

"Am I?"

"I'm tired of you smacking your jaws, you need to learn to shut up!"

I jumped for her, she moved away, my claws catching her eye. She screamed in pain, clutching her eye.

"You bitch!! I'll send you to the depths of hell for ruining my beautiful face!!!"

She held her arm pointed at me, a bubble coming around me as she chanted.

"No!!!" A voice yelled.

Then I was tackled to the ground as everything went black.

I could hear them again, the echos of hell........

I opened my eyes, everything was dark. I couldn't move, my body was chained. I heard a grunt behind me, and I recognized the voice.



"Kid what happened?"

"Claira, she's a witch."

"I know that but what did she do?"

"She was trying to banish you to the depths of hell, but I guess it backfired when I jumped into the circle. I got sent here with you."

"You make it sound like you don't wanna be here."

"Fuck no I don't."

"I meant with me."

"I don't want either of us to be here. I wanna be at home, cuddling you, whispering sweet nothings in your ear while I get you all hot and bothered. But I guess that's not gonna happen anytime soon."

"What's gonna happen to us?"

"Someone will come soon, and probably torture one of us while the other whatches."

"That's horrible...."

"Trust me I know."

We sat there quietly, just waiting. Soon a man came in with torture tools.

"So here's how this is gonna work. Kid you've been here before, so I'm gonna tie up your little pet. Maybe~ rape her while you watch, and then ruin her beautiful skin with torture scars."

"Don't you lay a damned finger on her you little fuck!!" Kid yelled angry.

I was scared, but if torturing me meant Kid didn't have to go through it again, then so be it. The man came and dragged me to a stand, he chained me so my ass was hanging out and I was facing Kid. My wrists and ankles still bound. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at Kid. He looked terrified for me, guilt in his eyes.

"(Y,n).... I'm so sorry....." He choked.

The man took a branding iron and branded my ass cheek. The brand forced me to transform, and I couldn't change back.

"This is going to be fun!" He laughed.

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