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"Dad,that's just not fair!"Fifteen-year old Hadassah turned to look at her dad with dazzling brown eyes."why can't I get to see mom in the hospital again.It's been three days now since I saw her....pleeeeaasssseeee dad can I go with you?"she said making a baby face at her dad."young lady that's not going to work this time,you can't go with me and that's final."Seeing that  he caused the saddness in his daugther eyes tore him.Since when sarah his wife had been dignose with cancer(pelvic cancer),things has been difficult.There was no time for his beautiful daughter anymore,but deep down he knew with God all things are possible."look honey,I know this is hard on you,but the doctors said only one person is permitted to go into mommy's room now and you know I can't leave you in the waiting room alone." "alright dad' 'thanks for understnding sweet thing.Becca will be here any moment from now'' as she heard what her dad said she groaned"dad I am no longer a baby,I am a big girl now...I don't need a baby-sitter,I can watch myself"Jake was taken aback by what she said and laughed....."come sit beside me"he said as he patted the seat beside him in their parlor that spoke of tradition.Cream wall paintings,a round brown table,a rocking chair at the right side of the wall,brown chairs.On the television box sat a picture of hadassah as a baby.As hadassah sat beside her dad,he looked at her with so much love and care"Hadassah Roberts,you will always be my baby and I love you" "I love you too dad.give this note to mom" ''ok, I will'' He answered and hugged her.Someone knocked the door.."I guess that should be Becca,I will be on my way then"Jake said rising to his feet and walking towards the door,he opened it."hello glad you could come"Becca,a tall,slim and beautiful lady came inside,wearing a yellow shirt and a black skirt "hi's not a problem,afterall sarah is my friend"she responded with sadness written all over her face and there was an uncomfortable silence,Jake said"umm....see you later"leaving through the door''bye dad,bye jake''Hadassah and beca said at the same time.

As Jake stepped into his wife's room after the doctor informed him that she was in a coma,he was depressed.He sat down on one side of the bed and held her hand."honey,pls wake up.Hadassah needs you like crazy.She's been on edge lately.She misses you,sarah"he couldn't hold it anymore as he look at her unmoving body.he cried silently."I need you too sweetheart,I can't take care of hadassah alone,I love you sarah.Hadassah gave me this note to give you"He brought the paper out of his pocket,opened it and read."Mom,I really miss you.come home quickly.There's a lot to talk about.Guess what that...remember that guy I told you about,that I really had a crush on........HE ASKED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!.anyways I did not respond for now.I need advice.Dad doesn't really have time you know.Always coming to see you and also working.Pls mom get well.I am praying for you.I love you mom.P.S. you're the best."Jake wiped his tears as he finished reading the letter.He stayed with sarah for almost 20mins,when he saw her jerk hard."honey,don't do this please"but she continued as he went to call the doctor to come and check her.As the doctors came,he was asked to excuse them out his wife's room,he kept pacing.10mins later, the doctor came out and motioned him into his office,offering him a seat in the office"Mr.Jake Roberts,i am really sorry,but we lost your wife.take heart"he left the doctor's office and cried like a baby.he knelt down and said "God my heart is broken.don't think I can go on.Help me"all been said,he stood up and walking towards the exit,the opened immediately with E.R doctors rushing in wheeling in a young girl in.He did not notice until he saw becca rushing in."hey becca,why are you here and where is hadassah?"panting and short of words,she pointed at towards the direction of the child that was wheeled in.Confused, jake said"how,when.what happened?.more calm now Rebecca answered"Hadassah's friend came to the house to visit.When she decided to go home,hadassah said she was going to accompany her because her friend was living five streets away.I tried to tell your daughter not to go because it was dark,but she said it was nothing and left the house.i waited for an hourand did not see her i decided to go on a search when i got a call from her friend that she was molested and fainted"jake was sad,angry,bitter at himself and everyone.An hour later 1:00 o'clock to be presides,after identifying himself as hadassah's father,he was in the doctor's office for the second time''mr.roberts,although your daughter is still unconscious due to the beatings and injury sustained,other than that your child will be okay" jake left the office and went to his daughter's room,met becca sitting there."how's sarah?" "dead!!!"he said through his clenched teeth."oh my God...i am soooo sorrry jake"becca said hugging him tight.

A day passed and hadassah was still unconscious.sitting besides her,jake wept as he held his daughter's hand "hads,don't do this to me.wake up"he looked up"God i can't loose her not after sarah please"he felt hadassah tighten her hand around his and look down at his child coming around."dad,where am i?and why are you cryig?how"s mom?hadassah said trying to sit and lean back.jake helped her sit."young lady,you are're you are in the hospital and i am crying becourse i missed you"hadassah's face turned sad"dad,he told me i was useless" "honey you are not,let me get the doctor to check you we will talk later"and he left because he could not stand seeing his child sorrowful.

A week later,hadassah sat outside on a chair with her dad."dad I don't think i'll get married"jake look surprised "why" "BECAUSE I HATE BOYS......except you,because you are the best dad in the world and i miss my mom so much"

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