Chapter 10: Mr.Grey is Mr.Knight's role model

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Natalie...I should inform her about the call, maybe, we could find some solution till dad returns.

I am fully aware of the danger on my head. But here I am going through resumes of different candidates to shortlist them for the interviews.

Did I mention from tomorrow I will be working with Nathan? No? So now you know.

I don't know how and why, but apparently, Nathan convinced my dad that I should work with him. More like work under him, as I am still learning and this will help me in my business career too.

I find it absolutely absurd! Because I have a good insight into business and I am very much capable of handling it. Business runs in my blood and I can proudly say that I learned from the best, my Grandfather, Mr. George Prescott. Dad talked to me and as always I had to cave in his demand.

Finally, when it is about lunch time. I feel a bit relaxed as my important work for today is almost done. For me, lunchtime means a date with my friend. Informing her about the events of yesterday on call is not a good idea, that's why I will tell Natalie face to face.

"Abigail stop..." Lucy stops me as I am about to leave for lunch.

"What happened?"

"Mr.Knight just called and asked you to meet him at his office." She informs.

" Did he tell anything else?" I ask while taking out my phone out of my bag.

"No, just ask you to meet him."

"Ok...Thank you for the message."

I called Natalie and canceled the lunch plan with her. I also mentioned to her that I have to tell her something important and asked her to meet me before heading home.

I like to take walk to places which are near, instead of driving, because I get bored by sitting for long hours. Knights Corporation is at 15 minutes walk from my office so I ditch my car.

However, the whole walk I feel like I am being followed. I should have taken my car, if something happens it will be because of my stupidity.

I move at a fast pace to reach there as soon as possible. When I see the entrance of Knights Corporation I bolt inside and release the breath which I was holding. My heart is beating so fast that I feel it will jump out of my chest.

After informing at reception lobby, I stand outside Nathan's office door and take a few deep breaths to calm myself before going inside. I lightly knock on the door.

"Come in." I hear his voice.

When I enter inside I find Nathan leaning against the bookshelf behind his table, and someone sitting on, one of the two chairs in front of the table.

"Hello," I greet. Nathan gestures me to sit on the chair.

"There is something important and Richard said, maybe, you can handle it." The look on Nathan's face shows he is not happy with whatever has happened.

" Ok, what is the matter?" I ask quickly.

"We are having some issues with cracking a deal with Hansen's" He informs as he takes his seat behind his table.

" Somebody leaked the information of deal to our rivals," Nathan tells, " and we have already started working on it and made investments too." He glared at the girl sitting beside me.

I take a moment to look at her. Oh God, how the hell is she breathing in such clothes! She is wearing beige color tight... extremely tight bodycon slim pencil dress. I bet she is wearing two sizes smaller than hers.

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