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Nessie's POV

I was cracking up when I smelled him. Jacob. and the rest of the pack. " The wolves are here" I yelled jumping up. I blocked my thoughts from daddy. The wolves came in... with...what the hell!?

Jacob, Quil, Embry, Seth, Claire, and Ella. Claire is Seths imprint, and Ella is Seths. There was a HUGE box in Jacob and Seths arms. They carried it upstairs closely followed by my father. When they came back down Embry said " Hey sorry guys we just stopped by. We gotta go-at least Quil, Claire, and I do. I don't know about Jake Seth or Ella." Quil, Claire, And embry then ran outside. " Umm yeah, I gotta go too, Ella's Family is in town we've gotta go meet them. Maybe next time we can play?" Seth said. He and Ella disappeared. "Uhh well I can stay if I'm allowed to." Jacob muttered.

" Of course you're welcome to stay and play Jake." Mom said. "Just sit there next to Renesmee." She smiled. Jake sat down next to me. Mmm he smelled good. Dad looked over at me. I blocked my mind. He smiled. I glared. "okay, whose turn is it? Mine? Me and Jasper will go together since we were dared together. Rosalie? Truth or Dare?" Aunt Alice trilled. " Dare" She answered confidentally. Alice and Jasper ran to talk. When they came back they ere both smiling. " Okay you can't touch Emmett for as long as we have to wear each others clothes. And you can't help us get thorugh them faster either. That was your husbands rule." Aunt Alice laughed. Aunt Rose looked shocked and Uncle Emmett's mouth dropped open. " Fine. Edward? Truth or Dare?" She asked Daddy. " Truth" he said. " DO you regret getting Bella pregnant and having Nessie, and turning her into a vampire." Aunt Rosy asked. " I regret getting Bella pregnant...." He started. My mouth dropped open. " Nes! Let me finish!" he said. I closed my mouth and crossed my arms. " As I was saying,I do regret getting her pregnant, because of the pain she went through. But i no way, shape, or form do I regret Nes, or turning Bella into a vampire." he finished. I relaxed. "Now..whose next?"


i realize this is really short. give me an idea, and tell me who for. Also whose POV? heres a cookie since it was so short.

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