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Let's begin where we left off

Alex POV

Finally, the David Dobrik arrived.

He looked like he was finally happy until he looked at us, confusion spread across his face, as did disgust.
"Guys, this is our cue!"Said Liza, while smirking. And then, the entire group went into beast mode. Well, not technically, but to the point where we can make fun of one person for 20 minuets. Zane immediately got a smile on his face, indicating that he wanted some action right away.
"Hey look, it's loner boy!" He said. We all laughed.
"Hey loner boy?!" Scott Said. He looked over at us with pure hatred on his face.
"Where's your friends? You know, the school counselor?!" He replied. I have to admit that was pretty funny, but obviously David didn't and decided to walk off like any other person would do.
"Awww! Did we hurt loner boy's feelings?!" Liza said. We all laughed even harder. When it comes to making fun of people, count on us and we'll be there in a snap already making people feel bad. But hey, aren't all popular kids like that? Or are we just cooler than the people in movies? Yeah, imma go with the second option. David in the other hand, thinks he's smart, and ignored what we said and walked away. But people don't get off this easy with us. Don't think I'm bragging either, think of it as me telling you about my friend group and our popularity.
"Guys, this might work out perfectly!" Said Todd.
"Yeah, we already got him to hate us, next we make him cry." Liza replied. Liza is like the leader of the jokes, coming up with rules, making plans, all that stuff.
"How will we do that?" Heath Said
"I'm glad you asked" she replied. Things are gonna get crazy.

About 10 minuets into lunch, David got a phone call. Me, being a nosey person, decided to listen into the conversation. His mom had apparently called him to tell him that his dad is home to see them? Idk, something around that.  I didn't really care that much, just need something to talk about.
"Did you guys hear the phone call David got?"I Said
"About his dad? Yeah I heard" Said Zane.
"Wait, what happened?" Liza said.
"David got a phone call, something about his dad coming home and him not going to school tomorrow." I replied
"Dammit, how are we supposed to get him to do the homework if he's not here?!" Liza said.
"Omg she's right. If we have homework tomorrow we can't give it to him to do." Carly said.
"We better act fast, waiting will just mean we have to start over with the jokes. He might forget what happened and just live his normal life." Liza explained. We would have planned out the process, but David was heading back towards the school, which meant we needed to act ASAP!
"Code red! Code red!" I said, warning them. They turned their attention to David and then, Zane said the unthinkable.
"Hey loner boy, are you crying because you don't have a chance with Alex?" He said. I gotta admit, that was pretty funny.
"Good going Zane. That should do the job." Liza whispered, giving him a high five.
"Well thank Alex for being the hottest boy in the school!" Zane said. We were all dying of laughter, but David on the other hand, was frozen in his tracks. Looks like we cracked him.
"Did it work?" Heath asked
"Sure looks like it did." I replied. We were all at least a little confused.
"What is he doin-" David, out of nowhere, bolted for the school doors, interrupting Carly's sentence.
"Now did it work?" Erin asked.
"Yep. It definitely worked."


Words: 632

Thank you for 100 reads! I didn't know people would be interested in my story. Also, I might start making longer chapters. Idk yet, but we will have to see

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