Always Mine

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Kris' POV
"I can't Kris. I can't." And saying that, Tao moved farther away from me. But I know he's battling with himself. And I don't like it. He needs me. He loves me.
"You don't have to do this alone. Tao, I'm here for you. Please."
But Tao kept on being stubborn. "I.. No longer.. Love You Kris."
I didn't believe him. His mouth may say it, but his expression says otherwise. I couldn't help but get mad. Why is Tao doing this?
"Tao... I need you, as much as you need me. Don't you know how much I regret this?! Don't you see how hard I'm trying? To get us back together?? I still love you. I never stopped." This time, Tao glared at me, walking over closer to me.
"Don't mess with me! I should've known all this time it was a lie! I won't let you into my heart so easily. I'm not playing hard to get.. I'm serious."
Tao moved back and closed his eyes. "I want to go back to the camp now." I held his hands, making him open his eyes, "What are you doi-"
I kissed Tao.
It wasn't long, but it wasn't short. His soft lips, against mine, moving in sync(which surprised me), felt so nice. I miss this. I wrapped my arms around his waist but he pulled back. Eyes widened, his fingers brushing his lips.
Tao's POV
"I want to go back to the camp now." I had my eyes closed, I didn't want to see Kris' expression, it hurt me when I said that. Of course it was a lie. I love Kris with all my heart. A moment later, Kris held both my hands. I opened my eyes in shock, getting frustrated that he dared hold my hands.
"What are you doi-"
Kris kissed me.
It wasn't too long, but it wasn't so short either. Kris' lips against mine, caught me by surprise, soon, I found myself kissing him back.
No! Stop Tao!
Kris wrapped his arms around me, making me realize what was really happening and I pulled back, taking a few more steps back. My eyes, widened in shock, my fingertips brushing against my lips.
Kris kissed me and I kissed him back!
Kris looked sad, making me walk closer then stopping in my tracks. I won't go through this again.
"Stop hurting yourself and come to me." I looked back up at Kris. His arms were opened.
What? Is he expecting me to run to him? Accept him?
Well, it's what I did.
But I walked!
I took my time and slowly walked to him, debating if I should walk to him, or the canoe.
"If you make me go through this again, I promise I will kill myself." I said, stopping 2 feet in front of him, keeping my serious/poker face on. I don't want to repeat any of this. I just want a normal love life! It's all I'm asking for. Only thing I'm asking for..
Kris' POV
Tao stopped short 2 feet in front of me. While walking closer to me, he seemed like he was fighting himself again. I really hope I get him back. I really love him and I don't want to go through this all over again.
"If you make me go through this again, I promise I will kill myself." Tao's words hit me in the heart.
Kill himself?! I would've thought he was joking, making sure I wouldn't hurt him again but the look on his face. He wasn't joking. Not one bit.
I walked closer to him and shook my head. "Don't bother thinking thoughts like that. I love you and I might die of happiness right now." I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. I heard him crying. "I love Kris-ge! I love you!" He hugged me back, only pulling back to give me a passionate kiss.
Tao's POV
"I'm really sorry Tao. I really am! I don't wa-"
I hugged Xiumin. "Please, shut up. It's okay." Xiumin hugged me back, nodding his head. "Sorry."
I pulled back and smiled. "I thought I told you to 'shut up'?"
Xiumin slightly blushed and nodded his head, then he got serious. "Is that any way to speak to your hyung??" I gulped. "N-No.." This time, Xiumin laughed. "I'm joking, I'll let it slide... For now." He waved goodbye and left, going to the River to find Chen.
I smiled and went inside my tent, finding Kris laying down, his stuff inside. "Hey." I said, a little shocked to see his stuff in here. "Hello." Kris got up, putting his book down and making me lie down next to him. Good thing my tent was big enough for 5 people.
I snuggled up to him, his arms protectively wrapping around me.
"I love you Tao, don't for..." I looked up to find Kris sleeping. I chuckled and pecked his lips, falling asleep next to him.

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