Chapter 17: I'm not afraid of who I am

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I left the classroom and was on my way to my next lesson to noticed on thing during my travel to my next lesson, everyone's eyes were on me, people whispering down my neck, their obvious glares at fingers pointing at my back. 

Well, what do you expect, as a noble son especially a Duke's son turns out to be gay, this is why I wanted to hide it, to begin with, now that everyone knows it doesn't matter.

"Hey, fag!" I ignored the unknown male voice and continued on my way, "Oi don't ignore me!" he approached me at high speed and grabbed me by the collar "don't you dare ignore me! don't you know who I am?" I looked him dead in the eye and scuff "yeah a piece of trash, go back to the bin where you belong" he grits his teeth "how dare you! know your place commoner!" commoner? where did he get that idea from? "acting all high and mighty just because you're an honour student!" he grips his fist tightly.

"I'll have you know! I am a Baron! Max Hamilton, son of a prestigious Baron that makes me higher than you" ... Ah, I see what's happening now, Chinese whispers! the truth slowly become distorted when it's spread to another person that it slowly becomes a lie. I giggled "I think you got the wrong idea here, now let go of my collar or you're going to seriously regret this" he slightly shook in fear when he noticed how serious I was.

"H-how dare you!" he lifts up his fist ready to punch me until "stop!" he was held back by, Furu?  Max slowly released me and unclench his fist "Winter-sama! apologies I was only trying to teach this commoner his place!" he took step back as Furu approached me to see if I was okay, "once again I think you got the wrong idea." Although Furu wanted to check on me I shooed him away and look back at the foolish Baron's son, "let me introduce myself, Max Hamilton, son of a lowly Baron" he visibly grits his teeth in anger "How dare you-!" before he could say more, "I am Alex Von Hellsing, son of a Duke" and there goes the colour in his face.

His face became pale from shock, "y-you're lying!" I shook my head from side to side at his rejection "do you really think I WOULD BE LYING?" I showed him a crooked smile causing him to become weak in the knees, I slowly approached the poor frightened hamster and whispered closely to his ear, "be careful, the next time you try to fight someone, choose your enemy carefully" I giggled despicably to see the poor man pissing his pants.

 Pivoting on my heel I walk away while pulling Furu along, "come, Furu, the lesson will begin soon!" I walked away feeling ever so satisfied, now my name will spread like a virus and my name will be tainted, "Alex are you okay?" Furu tugs my arm and pulls me back to make me face him.

"Yeah I'm alright" I smiled, "... you're lying" he presses his forehead against mine, "I heard the rumours, everyone has been talking bad things behind your back and calling you names, saying you're a fag" I smile bitterly, it's not like I'm surprised, it's just all too predictable

"... You shouldn't be ashamed of yourself" his warm palm caresses my cheek, "you're amazing, if you like guys then that's that" I was stunned at his words, "please Alex if anyone bothers you like that again, tell me I don't want you to suffer alone" I scuff, "I'm not suffering" I look away but instead of forcing me to look his way he leans in close to my ear, just as he was about whisper he switched to a peck on the cheek.

"W-what the-" I pulled away with flush cheeks, "haha Alex you're cherry red" I looked back at the laughing fool "d-don't make fun of me! don't you remember? I like men if you do things like that I will misunderstand!" instead of giggling he shows me a serious look "what if I do want you to misunderstand?" embarrassed by his words I began to stutter, "w-what uh I."





"Alex?" Furu stares at my face confused at my frozen flustered frozen state, "... Alex, it's okay calm down" he noticed the steam coming from my head, "Alex!" he grabbed my cheeks to grab my attention, "it's okay, I'm happy with the way things are at the moment, so you don't have to panic" he sweetly smiles.

Luckily for me, the school bell rang "oh dear it seems like it's time to go to class" he sighs "but this means we won't have time to clean up the corpses" huh what's he talking about? I turned around to see a bunch of fujoshis dead on the ground with blood all around them, some corpses wrote their final words, 'Alex is a cutie Tsun!' what the sugar is a Tsun?

After separating from Furu I made it into class with everyone's eyes on me, well this is awkward. I quietly made it to my desk to realise there were a whole bunch of letters and snacks, I picked up this one letter that stood out from the rest, it was a white letter wrapped in black polka dots ribbon, I opened it, 'I'm always watching you, my love~' okay now that's just creepy.

Slowly placing the letter down I read the other notes which pretty much said the same sentence again and again, and the snacks on the table were expensive snacks I've never got to try before but have always wanted to try.

This is just creepy, who the hell would go this far? unless it couldn't be? No, I can't be sure, I need to investigate further.


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2) ???????????????


End of chapter 17

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