Chapter 24: The First Kiss That I, Your Father, Had Saved For Twenty-Nine Years

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In recent years, Ye Lang was the extremely popular emperor of movies, tv dramas, and music. He was handsome, sang well, acted in dramas with high ratings, and starred in movies with massive ticket sales. Even if Su Jian didn’t follow famous stars, he knew how brightly the star, Ye Lang, shined.

Second brother An was actually Ye Lang! Su Jian couldn’t help but be excited. He could never have imagined that such a big star was close by!

Of course, the aforementioned successes were not the reason why Su Jian was so impressed. What impressed Su Jian the most was Ye Lang’s many rumored girlfriends.

Su Jian’s gossip-loving soul burned, but he couldn’t easily ask An Yirou about it without leaving a bad impression on her. Thus, when An Yize went to bed that night, he saw Su Jian hugging her laptop while looking at him with sparkling eyes.

An Yize glanced at the laptop and saw that it was playing a movie that Ye Lang was starring in. He then looked towards Su Jian.

Su Jian excitedly asked, “Is your second older brother Ye Lang?”

An Yize confirmed with an ‘en’, paused for a moment, then asked, “Do you like him?”

“Of course!” Su Jian casually responded, high on gossip. “Right! I heard that he’s been dating Sun Lili lately, is that true?”

An Yize: “I’m not sure.”

Su Jian was speechless for a moment but wasn’t discouraged. He asked again, “A while ago, there was a rumor online saying that he had turned fiction into a reality with that vivacious young girl character’s actress… Oh! Her name was Lin Shimei! Was it true?”

An Yize: “I don’t know.”

“……” Su Jian’s spirits dampened. “You don’t even care about your second elder brother in the least!”

An Yize looked at him: “Why are you so concerned about my second elder brother?”

Su Jian was rendered speechless again. Then, he recovered and answered, “Be-because he’s my idol! What’s wrong with being concerned about my idol?”

An Yize looked at Ye Lang on the computer screen, then shifted his gaze towards Su Jian as he asked slowly, “Idol?”

“Yeah!” After coming up with an excuse, Su Jian’s dialogue was a lot smoother. Copying a young girl’s reverent tone, he said, “Oppa is so cool and shines so handsomely! I really like him!”[1]

Suddenly, An Yize responded, “Your oppa looks a lot like me.”

Su Jian: “……”

Su Jian silently glanced at An Yize and then continued, “Our oppa seems to be full of deep emotions…”

An Yize: “Your oppa has had more than fifty girlfriends since third grade including that Su Lili and Lin Shimei or whatever.”

Su Jian’s temper flared, “Didn’t you just say that you didn’t know anything?”

“I remembered.” An Yize replied expressionlessly, “Do you still like him?”

“Yes!” Su Jian said as if without a care while the words ‘over fifty’ echoed enticingly in his brain. Your mom! I, your father, am past the prime age for marriage and fatherhood while someone else has had girls since third grade! Su Jian was full of jealousy, envy, and hate. He couldn’t help but prostrate himself in front of second brother An, the winner in life.

“Being a movie star is great!” Su Jian sighed with emotion. “I so want to enter the entertainment industry!” Cute girls and beautiful goddesses! There was just about anything one could ask for!

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