Chapter 21: Mom's Balls! I Actually Have To Share A Bed With An Yize!

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The doctor arrived shortly and carefully examined Su Jian. Fortunately, the soup had been sitting in the kitchen for a while. Even though it was hot, it didn’t burn Su Jian too badly. Su Jian only needed to apply some medicine and in a few days he would be fine.

Su Jian breathed out a huge sigh of relief. He was already half-disabled, so he naturally didn’t want to become even more disabled. When he turned to look at An Yize, his expressionless face had also relaxed slightly.

Bai Ningxue specially went over to visit Su Jian which made him very happy. Unfortunately, the goddess’ gaze didn’t fall much on the him (the main character), but rather softly at An Yize in apology. That uneasy, grief-stricken expression would incite pity from anyone who saw it.

Su Jian really felt sorry for her. Seeing An Yize’s indifferent expression, Su Jian wanted to take the opportunity to comfort the goddess and help expand her heart. Abruptly, An Yize said, “Jian Jian needs her rest, let’s go outside.” Then, he took the goddess out of the room.

Su Jian’s chest tightened. Your… MOM!

An Yize entered the room shortly after, but Su Jian was still angry. An Yize, why did you come in? What’s good about looking at your wooden face? Hurry and return my goddess to me!

An Yize was sitting by the bed when he suddenly asked, “Are you willing to stay here and recover or would you rather go home?”

Su Jian’s expression brightened. “We can go back now?”

An Yize replied, “Or are you willing to stay here at the main residence?”

Holy sh*t! Of course, I’d choose to go back! Even if there is a mansion, good food, and a goddess, but after all is said and done, there was also Elder Rong who made him feel very ill at ease! Su Jian hastily shook his head, “I want to go home!”

An Yize nodded, “I got it.”

Not long after, mother An also came into the room. Su Jian didn’t want to have an argument with someone in front of her son so he pretended to sleep while eavesdropping on mother An and An Yize’s conversation..

An Yize brought up bringing Su Jian home to mother An, but he could never have imagined that she’d immediately object.

Mother An’s ill-at-ease voice was very gentle, “Xiao Ze, are you mad at mom?”

In the covers, Su Jian was secretly speechless. Ah! He really was her son! Elder Rong actually became so gentle!

An Yize’s gentle voice was that of one speaking to someone they were close with. “No, mom. Don’t jump to the wrong conclusions!”

“Liar! You are definitely angry that I brought your wife here, right?” Mother An sulked, “Ever since you secretly got married, mom already knew. Xiao Ze, you won’t ever listen to me again.You don’t like mom anymore…..”

Su Jian secretly rubbed at the goosebumps under the covers: Elder Rong, are you still Elder Rong? What are you aiming for with that pouty young lady’s voice?

An Yize was already used to it. His voice didn’t change as he stayed unperturbed. “Mom, I’m really not angry. It’s only that Jian Jian isn’t used to living here, and now she’s hurt as well. It’s better if she goes home to recover.”

“Isn’t this your home? Your wife is injured and needs someone to take care of her, and you normally need to go to work. How are you able to take that on? There’s a lot of servants here and the cook and doctor are easily available. Wouldn’t it be easier for her to recover here? There’s also me, I could also take care of her!” Mother An whispered, “Or is it that you really don’t want to see mom and that you don’t love mom anymore?”

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